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Ancient Rome


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What physical landform helped protect Rome to the north?
The Alps
Rome is located on the _________ peninsula.
What civilization influenced the religion of Ancient Rome?
Ruler, God of the sky
Goddess of wisdom
God of the arts and sun
Goddess of animals and hunting
Goddess of marriage
Goddess of love and beauty
Upper class Roman citizens were called _______.
The Roman Republic was a ____________ democracy.
What social group was the lowest in Roman society ___________
Who were considered citizens in Rome?
Patricians, Plebeians, and selected foreigners.
What social class made up the majority of the population in Rome
The Plebeians
What continents did the Roman Empire include
Europe, Asia, and Africa
With whom did Rome fight in the Punic Wars?
What did Rome gain control of as a result of its victory in the Punic Wars?
Mediterranean Sea
The Carthaginian general, Hannibal, invaded Italy by crossing ________ ______
The Alps.
Invasion of barbarians (Germanic tribes), devaluation of currency, and political problems were all causes of what?
The fall of the Roman Empire
The increase of slave labor in agriculture led to the decline of the ________ __________ .
Roman Republic
Who was declared "Dictator for Life" in Rome?
Julius Caesar
What is a Triumvirate?
A group of 3 leaders
What was one of the greatest failures of the Imperial Rome (Roman Empire)?
Establishing a rule of succession
Under which ruler did the Pax Romana begin?
Augustus Caesar
What is the Pax Romana?
200 years of peace and prosperity in Rome
Emphasis on family, uniform money, civil service, and expanded trade are all characteristics of the ____ ___________.
Pax Romana
Uniform system of money and safe travel and trade are __________ effects of the Pax Romana.
What is the major difference between Judaism and Christianity?
Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God
Who spread Christianity through the Roman Empire?
Life after death, Jesus is son of God, monotheistic, and New Testament are all characteristics of __________.
Where can someone find the teachings of Jesus (Christianity)?
The new testament (the bible)
What was the most unifying force in Europe after the fall of Rome?
The church
Which Roman emperor legalized Christianity?
Emperor Constantine
An aqueduct is an example of Roman achievements in _____________.
What language was spoken in Roman Empire?
List at least four contributions of Ancient Rome.
Paved roads
aqueducts (carried water to cities)
roman arches (support structures)
public baths
public water system
medical schools
What name was given to the Eastern Roman Empire?
The Byzantine Empire
Which city became the new capital of Rome?
What group made up the Roman Senate?
The laws of Rome were known as the _______ _______ _________.
The twelve tables
What was the main economic benefit of the Pax Romana?
Established a uniform system of money called Denarius
The Pantheon was an achievement in Roman
Art and Architecture.
Slavery, migration to cities, and civil war are all causes of ___________________________________
the decline of the Roman Republic.
Virgil is known for his contributions in _________
Which emperor divided the empire into two parts?
Emperor Diocletian
What sea provided seaborne trade routes for Rome? Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea
What event led to the murder of Julius Caesar?
He became a dictator for life
Why is Paul important to Christianity?
Traveled across roman empire converting people to Christianity
How did the Pax Romana impact trade?
Guaranteed safe travel and trade on Roman roads.
What was the Colosseum?
Area for entertainment
What was the Pantheon?
A roman temple
What is a republic?
Representative democracy
Who was the first emperor of Rome?
Augustus Caesar
What Roman Emperor legalized Christianity?
Emperor Constantine
When did the Western Roman Empire end?
476 AD
What society (empire) continued the culture of Rome?
Byzantine empire