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H/N frontalis

forehead muscle (Raises eyebrow andfacial expressions)

H/N temporalis

muscle extending from the temporal fossa to the coronoid process of the mandible, elevate mandible and closes mouth

H/N orbicularis oculi

blinks and closes eyes

H/N orbicularis oris

spincter muscle used for "puckering up" and whistling

H/N platysma

sheet-like muscle in neck that pulls mouth (jaw) and lower lip downward

H/N buccinator

compresses cheeks

H/N levator labii superioris

elevates upper lip, sneer

H/N masseter

elevates mandible and closes jaw (mouth)

SH trapezius

scapular elevation/retraction/depression

SH latissimus dorsi

arm extension, swimmer's muscle

SH deltoid

arm abduction

SH pectoralis major

arm flexion

SH supraspinatus

abducts arm, rotator cuff

SH infraspinatus

adducts arm, rotator cuff, lateral rotation

SH subscapularis

Rotates arm medially, rotator cuff

SH teres minor

rotates the arm laterally, rotator cuff

SH serratus anterior

scapula protraction

SH rhomboid major and minor

scapular elevation and retraction

SH teres major

arm adduction and medial rotation

UL triceps brachii

forearm extension

UL biceps brachii

a muscle that flexes and supinates the forearm

UL brachialis

Flexes forearm

UL extensor digitorum

wrist and finger extension

UL flexor digitorum superficialis & profundus

wrist and finger flexion

AB rectus abdominis

vertebral column flexion

AB external oblique

vertebral column rotation

BK erector spinae

vertebral column extension and lateral flexion

HIP adductor magnus

thigh adduction and extension

HIP sartorius

thigh flexion, abduction, and lateral rotation, leg (knee) flexion, (tailor muscle)

HIP gluteus maximus

thigh extension and lateral rotation, lgst. muscle in body

HIP gluteus medius

thigh abduction, on torso

HIP liacus

flexes thigh, on torso

HS biceps femoris

1. hamstrings, thigh ext. and leg(knee) flexion

HS semitendinosus

2. hamstrings

HS semimembranosus

3. hamstrings

rectus femoris

1. quadriceps, thigh flexion and leg(knee) ext.

vastus medialis

2. extends leg

vastus lateralis

3., extends leg, baby shots go in to

vastus intermedius

4. extends leg


foot/calf muscle that causes plantaflexion, ex. jumping, attaches to calcaneal tendon*

fibularis longus

plantar flexes and everts the foot

fibularis brevis

Foot eversion, weak plantarflexion

peroneus longus

Plantar flexion and eversion of foot; stabilizes the lateral ankle and arch of the foot

peroneus brevis

Action: Everts and plantar flexes foot

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