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  1. Red Blood cells appear red because:
    a. of the size of their nucleus
    b. they contain hemoglobin
    c. they contain bilirubin
    d. they transport oxygen
  2. Which term means clotting cell?
    a. erythrocyte
    b. leukocyte
    c. granulocyte
    d. thrombocyte
  3. Which of the following abbreviations is NOT a blood test?
    a. BMT
    b. HCT
    c. PT
    d. CBC
  1. a B
  2. b D
  3. c A

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  2. D
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  1. Which of the following conditions is a cancer?
    a. polycythemia vera
    b. septicemia
    c. leukemia
    d. pernicious anemia


  2. Which of the following statements regarding natural immunity is NOT true?
    a. Natural immunity includes receiving antibodies from the mother through the placenta.
    b. It does not require prior exposure to the pathogen.
    c. A good example of natural immunity is the macrophage.
    d. Natural immunity mechanisms are not specific to any particular pathogen.


  3. Which of the following statements regarding the tonsils is NOT true?
    a. The palatine tonsils are located in the nasal cavity.
    b. The tonsils are composed of lymphatic tissue.
    c. The tonsils remove pathogens for the digestive and respiratory systems.
    d. Sometimes the tonsils have to be removed if they become chronically infected.


  4. Which of the following blood tests is an indicator of the presence of an inflammatory disease?
    a. erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    b. culture and sensitivity
    c. hematocrit
    d. pro-time


  5. Which term means lymph gland inflammation?
    a. lymphangiitis
    b. lymphadenopathy
    c. lymphadenitis
    d. lympangiogram