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Which term describes the spread of malignant tumors to a distant location?


Which is an example of a solid tumor derived from epithelial tissue?

Adenocarcinoma of the lung

Which is a description of a fungating tumor?

Mushrooming pattern of growth as tumor cells pile on top of each other

Which term includes sessile and pedunculated types of growths?


What term describes localized tumor growth?

Carcinoma in situ

Which is a description of scirrhous type tumors?

Hard, densely packed tumor cells

What does staging a tumor mean?

Assessing the extent of tumor spread

What does mutagenic mean?

Producing a change in the DNA of a cell

What does the notation T1N2M0 mean?

Tumor is present with palpable regional lymph nodes and no metastases

What is the difinition of a mutation?

Inheritable change in a cell

Which is a description of exenteration?

Wide resection of tumor and removal of surrounding tissue

What is the meaning of fulguration?

Destruction of tissue by eletric sparks

Which is an example of a know type of inherited cancer?


What is a difinition of modality?

Method of treatment

Which is a definition of a radio-resistant tumor?

Tumor requires large doses of radiation to produce death of cells

Which is an example of genetic material that causes cancer?


Which is a description of cauterization?

Treating tissue with heat

Which is a description of pharmacokinetics?

Study of the distribution and removal of drugs in the body

What term means assistanting or aiding?


Which term is used in treatment of tumors with radiation?

Linear accelerator

Which is a description of an estrogen receptor assay?

Test the concentration of hormone receptor sites in cells of breast cancer patients

Which best describes a wide surgical incision of the abdomen to detect disease?

Staging laparotomy

What best describes interferon?

Biological response modifier

What term means return of symptoms of disease?


Which term means cancerous tumor derived from bone?

Osteogenic sarcoma

A side effect of radiation therapy (redness of skin):


A side effect of chemotherapy or radiotherapy (hair loss):


A side effect of radiation therapy to the lungs
(abnormal growth of connective tissue):


Hypoplasia of bone marrow:


Inflammation of the inner lining of an organ:


Loss of differentiation of cells and reverison to a more primitive cell type:


Extending beyond the normal tissue boundaries:


Having the ability to enter and destroy surrounding tissue:


Replication of cells; two identical cells are produced from a parent celll:


Spreading to a secondary site:


cellular substance (ribonucleic acid) that is important in protein synthesis:


Infectious agent that reproduces by entering a host cell and using the host's genetic material to make copies of itself:


Rays given off by the sun:

Ultraviolet radiation

An agent (hydorcarbon, insecticide, hormone) that causes caner:

Chemical carcinogen

Genetic material within the nucleus that controls replication and protein synthesis:


Region of genetic material that causes cancer; found in tumor cells virus:


Change in the genetic material of a cell:


Energy carried by a stream of particles:



Cancerous (malignant) tumor of glandular tissue flesh (connective tissue) tumor of bone malignant:


Flesh (connective tissue) tumor of bone malignant




Specialization of cells


New formation (tumor)

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