ANSC 437 Exam B


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The Five "G's" of Marketing U.S. Beef
-grain fed
-guide, meat buyers (NAMI)
Define Metric Ton
-It is 1,000 kg or 2,205 lbs
-It is the unit of quantity that is used in the world export market
-A container holds about 20 metric tons
What was a result of BSE?
U.S. beef exports fell to $1.1 billion
Leading Export Markets for U.S. Beef
South Korea
Hong Kong
Middle East
Leading Export Markets for U.S. Pork
Hong Kong/China
C/S America
South Korea
What is sustainability?
Beef industry sustainability: meeting growing global demand by balancing environmental responsibility, economic opportunity, and social diligence throughout the supply chain
How does sustainability affect the meat industry?
-we are constantly scrutinized for practices in all sectors of beef production
-must continue to improve upon and create new technologies to satisfy growing demands
-continue to educate consumers about new technologies and show transparency within our industry
Three pillars of sustainability
How is sustainability achieved?
when the environment, economic, and social issues balance
Challenges moving forward with sustainability
-technology use is imperative
-long term survival of this industry depends on the development of new animal production technology to increase ecological efficiency among other factors
-future research is necessary
What increases demand for beef
how much is paid for the beef check off?
$1 a head
What does COOL stand for?
Country of Origin Labeling
Covered Commodities in 2008
Muscle cuts of:
Ground beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken
farm raised fish and shellfish
wild fish and shellfish
fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables
ginseng, pecans, and macadamia nuts
exemptions to COOL
-food service establishments
-butcher shops
-small grocery stores
R-CALF stands for what?
Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund
What does R-CALF do?
-strong supporters of COOL
--led the fight for mandatory COOL
--feel canadian cattle flood the market, decreasing the value of U.S. cattle
--think COOL will have economic benefits for beef producers
claims related to live animal production
free range
claims related to product (meat)
aged meat
electrical stimulation
what are the published claims
grass fed
naturally raised
Go Texas program goals
-assist new and current businesses to grow and flourish
-tapping into texan loyalty for local product sales
-expanding texas' participation in the world market
-partnering with producers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers to spotlight and promote Texas products
-increase positive public perception of texas products
-increase awareness of GO TEXAN
social media/marketing and go texan
marketing is the entire company
very big deal
user friendly website
go texan brand
This brand, in the shape of Texas, allows consumers to quickly and easily recognize a Texas product or service
Trends and factors influencing lamb production over the years
-WWI and WWII led to a decline in sheep/goat numbers
-inability to use leg hold traps on public lands
-loss of wool insensitive program
-made wool garments user friendly
-removes outer cuticle of wool
something random I had written down
powered milk
deer horns/red stag
how the livestock market operaets
supply/demand basis
vertical integration is in what?
pork and poultry
define vertical integration
occurs when one company owns the product all the way to the end consumer and the only time price is established is at the retail counter
vertical cooperation is in what?
beef cattle
define vertical cooperation
occurs when 2 or more businesses form partnerships or supply chains to produce a certain kind of product. The price may be determined by a contract or as a participation in profits.
futures contract....
methods of paying for cattle
know basic animal handling and welfare impacts
Different animal rights groups
the humane society
meat and antiobiotics
it is illegal to sell meat or dairy products with residues from antibiotics
purpose of VAC 45
enhances the immune system
gets them ready for where they are going
creates a more predictable commodity
allows attainment of genetic potential
reduces use of antibiotics
What does IMPS stand for?
Institutional Meat Purchasing Specification
what is always number 1 in weight and value
what make up over 50% or 1/3 of carcass
trimmings, fats, bones
middle meat makes up what
10-12% of carcass, 1/3 value
cost of the calf=
weight X price + freight
cost of the feed=
pounds of feed X pricer per pound of feed
processing cost=
the initial treatments and ear tags the animal receives on arrival at feedlot
medicine cost
cost of medication if the animal becomes sick
interest on borrowed money
what you owe the baker
death loss cost
the surviving animals have to bear the cost of the dead animals