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andrew johnson viewed the freedman's bureau as a meddlesome and unnecessary federal agency (true/false)

office of tenure act

congress' impeachment of president johnson and sttmept to remove him from office were directly brought about by his violation of what act?

waving the bloody shirt

the repub attempt to link the democratic party with secession and the confed cause is known as


what is the term for northern repubs that went south with everything they own?

racial segregation that developed after reconstruction ended

although important strides were made, reconstruction failed to provide lasting guarantees of the civil rights of a freedman. what supports this?

residency requirements

southerners deprived black americans to vote by all of the following means except


reconstruction funds were used for the expansion of native american rights (true/false)


how many military districts was the south divided into under the reconstruction act of 1867?


at the birth of the kkk violence was commonly used (true/false)

enforcement act of 1870 and 1871

fed gov't passed this act which made it a felony for 2 or more people to conspire to deprive anyone of their civil rights and privileges

henry davis

before southern states could rejoin the union, a majority rather than merely 10% out of the voters in the 1860 election had to take an oath of allegiance to the union before it could be admitted. who's beliefs does this reflect?

civil rights act of 1875

what act made it illegal for an individual to deny a person the full and equal use of public conveyances?


which amendment gave african americans the right to vote?

john quincy adams

the election of 1876 is nicknamed the corrupt bargain part ii referring to the unsavory manner in which this earlier president was elected


where was the birthplace of the kkk

an acquittal

after the house brought charges against andrew jackson for violating the law, his trial ended in


republican reconstruction plans were supported by everyone except


southern politics after reconstruction was dominated by


new members of the kkk were called


lincoln's reconstruction plan was

compromise of 1877

what put an end to reconstruction in the south?

Proclamation of Amnesty & Reconciliation

what did lincoln issue on december 8th, 1863?


what state did freedmen never gain power in?


what affected the south by keeping african americans economically dependent?

trial by jury

what was not a black code?

new orleans

what was the first city in the south to integrate their police force and experiment with the integration of schools?

Reconciliation Act of 1867

what act did not make the south ratify the 13th amendment?

civil rights act of 1866 and the freedman's bureau

what 2 acts were passed over the president's veto?


what were southern whites called who backed the union and supported repub reconstruction?

10% plan

what was lincoln's reconstruction plan called?

separate but equal

the decision of plessy v. ferguson had what concept?

grandfather clauses

what was intended to prevent african americans from being able to vote because they could not satisfy the requirement of having descendents were able to vote before the war?

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