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  1. Pangaea
  2. barchanoid dunes
  3. over 50%
  4. dark
  5. sandboils
  1. a The proposed supercontinent that 200 million years ago began to break apart and form the present landmasses.
  2. b what is the color of the bands of ogives during summer months ?
  3. c dunes: cross between barchan and traverse dunes, moderate amount of sand, similar to traverse dunes but with tips, tips point down wind
  4. d water is being squeezed (bubbling) to the surface, what does it create? (during liquefaction)
  5. e what are the chances that boston will experience a 6.2 earthquake in the near future.

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  1. giant lake that was built by a glacier acting as a damn, channeled scab lands by a glacial lake outburst
  2. shallow depressions (1m-45m in depth)
  3. what type of rock is located beneath boston
  4. pulverized rock produced by the glacial gristmill
  5. the tip of the end of an arete. it is cut by another glacier

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  1. PinatuboComposite cone, Philippines, Erupted in the 90's, Forced evacuation of Clark Air Force Base, only time a US base has been abandoned


  2. Mt. TamboraComposite, Indonesia, Killed 80,000 people by starvation, caused year without a summer


  3. rift zonea rock that was carried by a glacier or iceberg, deposited as the ice melted, and became part of the bedrock


  4. Interglacial stageswhat is the mixture of rock flour and water called ?


  5. pluckingprocess by which a glacier flows over a fractured bedrock surface it loosens and lifts blocks of rock and incorporates them into the ice (occurs when melt water penetrates cracks and joints)