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  1. river of ice
  2. palatine
  3. 4
  4. hot spot
  5. 6.2
  1. a what was the magnitude of the cape ann earthquake?
  2. b name of the ship that left germany and was robbed and is now responsible for legends off the coast of MAINE on story nights.
  3. c # of ice ages North America has undergone in the past 450,000 years
  4. d A concentration of heat in the mantle capable of producing magma, which in turn extrudes onto Earths surface. The interplate volcanism that produced the Hawiian Islands is one example.
  5. e a glacier is a_________________

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  1. a kind of well in which the pressure surface is below ground level
  2. streams that only carry water in response to rainfall
  3. how high can a tsunami get
  4. an arete that takes on a saddle shape
  5. Cinder Cone in Mexico, came up out of no where in Dionisio Paulido's corn field, lasted 10 year then stopped, buried town of Paricutan under lava

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  1. Krakatoaany boulder moved by a glacier is known as a(n) ____________


  2. GalerrosComposite, Columbia, Ruined Stanley Williams and killed several other people he led up on the volcano when it erupted unexpectedly


  3. Santoriniwater is being squeezed (bubbling) to the surface, what does it create? (during liquefaction)


  4. transverse dunesdunes: isolated hills of sand, variable wind direction, up to 90 meters tall


  5. groovesform where two cirques are located back to back and create a sharp-edged ridge


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