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  1. plate
  2. eccentricity
  3. fault scarp
  4. lithosphere
  5. striations
  1. a _______________ indicate the direction that the glacier is moving
  2. b name for ridge of land that is created during normal or thrust fault
  3. c Variations in the shape of Earth's orbit about the Sun is known as
  4. d The rigid outer layer of Earth, including the crust and upper mantle.
  5. e One of the numerous rigid sections of the lithosphere that moves as a unit over the material in the asthenosphere.

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  1. how many earthquakes does massachusetts experience per year?
  2. a river of ice
  3. 79 AD, Composite Volcano, Buried town of Pompeii under pyroclastic debris, people were frozen in molds
  4. A system of continuous elevated zones on the floor of all major ocean basins and varying in width from 500 to 5000 km (300 to 3000 mi). The rifts at the crests of ridges represent divergent plater boundaries.
  5. area where mostly air in pore spaces

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  1. main water tablelocalized area of saturated groundwater that is separete because of an aquitard


  2. transform fault boundaryA boundary in which two plates slide past one another without creating or destroying lithosphere.


  3. shadow zonethe area of the earth's interior where no seismic wave can reach


  4. lightwhat magnitude could result from the seattle earthquake


  5. ogivesbands of light and dark snow on a glacier are known as ____________