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  1. groundwater
  2. cross-beds
  3. stratified drift
  4. ridge push
  5. penitents
  1. a spires of ice found in the tropics due to differences in sublimation are known as ____________
  2. b any material carried by a glacier and then dropped in water
  3. c water within the zone of saturation
  4. d A mechanism that may contribute to plate motion. It involves the oceanic lithosphere sliding down the oceanic ridge under the pull of gravity.
  5. e layers inclined in the direction the wind is blowing

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  1. series of earthquakes in 1811-1812, were located in the state of Missouri and shook over 100 square mile. Special b/c there were 3 main shocks and the strongest one was 8(+)
  2. what were the Pater Noster lakes named after, (they appear as if connected like rosary beads)
  3. dunes: cross between barchan and traverse dunes, moderate amount of sand, similar to traverse dunes but with tips, tips point down wind
  4. names for ephemeral streams - streams that carry water only in response to rainfall
  5. When the magnetic charge of earth is reversed.

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  1. equatorwhere is the snowline highest


  2. interior drainagehaving a discontinuous pattern of intermittent streams that do not flow out of the desert to the ocean


  3. Interglacial stagesa temporary lake that will last only a couple of days


  4. palatine lightsname of the ship that left germany and was robbed and is now responsible for legends off the coast of MAINE on story nights.


  5. 9how many times better do seismic waves travel through granite than other sediment