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  1. Krakatoa
  2. greenland
  3. benioff-wadadi
  4. longitudinal dunes
  5. nonflowing artesian well
  1. a area along a subduction zone where earthquakes occur
  2. b a kind of well in which the pressure surface is below ground level
  3. c Composite cone, Indonesia, Produced loudest noise heard by man, Blew up island of Rakata, Caused tsunami that killed 23,000
  4. d during the last ice age the three ice sheets that covered north america were the Cordilleran , Laurentide , and __________________
  5. e dunes: long ridges of sand that form parallel to the prevailing wind and where sand supplies are moderate

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  1. a glacier is a_________________
  2. When the magnetic charge of earth is reversed.
  3. deep striations are known as ___________________
  4. A system of continuous elevated zones on the floor of all major ocean basins and varying in width from 500 to 5000 km (300 to 3000 mi). The rifts at the crests of ridges represent divergent plater boundaries.
  5. A long, narrow zone where one lithospheric plate descends beneath another.

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  1. glaciername of the ship that left germany and was robbed and is now responsible for legends off the coast of MAINE on story nights.


  2. Olympus Monswhat volcanic rock do people use on their hands ?


  3. 50 - 100how many earthquakes does massachusetts experience per year?


  4. zone of saturationarea where the pore spaces are filled with water


  5. dropstoneA region of Earth's along which divergence is taking place.