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  1. blowouts
  2. drumlin
  3. ridge push
  4. aquitard
  5. striations
  1. a _______________ indicate the direction that the glacier is moving
  2. b prevents/slows infiltration of water
  3. c A mechanism that may contribute to plate motion. It involves the oceanic lithosphere sliding down the oceanic ridge under the pull of gravity.
  4. d shallow depressions (1m-45m in depth)
  5. e a ramp shaped DEPOSIT of sediment with one shallow side and one steep-side is known as a _______________ (shallow side represents direction the glacier is moving) glacier moves up the steep end of the deposit.

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  1. what is the total locked zone of the (to be) seattle earthquake
  2. a kind of well in which the pressure surface is below ground level
  3. streams that only carry water in response to rainfall
  4. water within the zone of saturation
  5. hawaiian word for little (could not be found in notes)

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  1. shadow zonethe area of the earth's interior where no seismic wave can reach


  2. groovesdeep striations are known as ___________________


  3. river of icewhat are the chances that boston will experience a 6.2 earthquake in the near future.


  4. rock floura giant glacial flood often caused by volcanism


  5. recessional(end moraines) that mark the one-time location of the end of a glacier