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  1. sumatra earthquake
  2. 3
  3. ice shelf
  4. partial melting
  5. 5,000 - 30,000
  1. a what is the estimation for how many deaths would occur if a 6.2 earthquake hit boston
  2. b when a continental glacier reaches an ocean and spreads out
  3. c earthquake ranked 2-6 in past 100 years occured in 2004 on an ocean ocean plate boundary and killed 250,000 in tsunami
  4. d how many times larger is boston today than it was in 1755
  5. e The process by which most igneous rocks melt. Since individual minerals have different melting points, most igneous rocks melt over a temperature range of a few hundred degrees. If the liquid is squeezed out after some melting has occurred, a melt with a higher silica content results.

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  1. prevents/slows infiltration of water
  2. spires of ice found in the tropics due to differences in sublimation are known as ____________
  3. Shield volcano, Hawaii, Most active volcano on Earth
  4. deadliest earthquake of all time, located in china. So deadly b/c of the epicenter being near an urban area and most people were asleep in multi story buildings during the quake.(earthquakes in china have killed over 27.3 million)
  5. On what year did the Anchorage, Alaska earthquake, that registered a 9.2 on Richter scale and was felt all the way to Crescent City California, occur?

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  1. divergent boundaryA region where the rigid plates are moving apart, typically by the mid-oceanic ridges.


  2. ice sheetsA type of glacier that flows out in all directions from one or more centers and completely obscure all but the highest areas of underlying terrain (appear like an upside bowl and are at least 1 million Sq miles)


  3. Loma prieta earthquakeDevice used to map the ocean floor that detects small changes in a magnetic fields.


  4. retreating (recession)a glacier that is melting faster than it is moving forward is ___________


  5. Mt. TamboraComposite, Indonesia, Killed 80,000 people by starvation, caused year without a summer