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  1. pluvial lake
  2. glacial lake missoula
  3. changes in earths orbit
  4. normal polarity
  5. karst topography
  1. a a lake formed during a period of increased rainfall
  2. b giant lake that was built by a glacier acting as a damn, channeled scab lands by a glacial lake outburst
  3. c The cause of the most recent variable climate change and series of glacial episodes ("Ice Ages") is most probably related to
  4. d A magnetic field that is the same as that which exists at present.
  5. e landscape shaped by dissolving power of groundwater

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  1. Farmer in mexico who discovered a volcano growing in his field.
  2. having a discontinuous pattern of intermittent streams that do not flow out of the desert to the ocean
  3. zone where there is a net. loss to the glacier when the snow from the previous winter melts as does some ice
  4. snow that has survived one summer and has begun the process of transformation into ice (usually 25 years) is called
  5. all the till that is left behind from a glacier

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  1. Tangshan 1976deadliest earthquake of all time, located in china. So deadly b/c of the epicenter being near an urban area and most people were asleep in multi story buildings during the quake.(earthquakes in china have killed over 27.3 million)


  2. over 50%what part of boston is in greatest danger, if an earthquake were to happen


  3. subduction zoneA region of Earth's along which divergence is taking place.


  4. Eldfellmost common method for removing groundwater; a hole bored into zone of saturation


  5. dropstonea ramp shaped DEPOSIT of sediment with one shallow side and one steep-side is known as a _______________ (shallow side represents direction the glacier is moving) glacier moves up the steep end of the deposit.


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