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  1. groundwater
  2. Curie point
  3. 745
  4. kettle pond
  5. stalactites
  1. a how many miles of land ruptures in the 2004 samatran earthquake.
  2. b formations on ceiling of cavern and grow downwards
  3. c kettle that fills with water (ex. Walden Pond)
  4. d water within the zone of saturation
  5. e The temperature above which a material loses its magnetization.

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  1. series of earthquakes in 1811-1812, were located in the state of Missouri and shook over 100 square mile. Special b/c there were 3 main shocks and the strongest one was 8(+)
  2. for every increase in one on the richter scale there is a 10x increase in ...
  3. an isolated rocky hill or mountain rising above a peneplain in a hot, dry region
  4. what is the estimation for how many deaths would occur if a 6.2 earthquake hit boston
  5. represents periods of time between glaciation events during the Ice Age.

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  1. hot spotprocess by ice and its load of rock fragments sliding over bedrock, and they function like sand paper to polish the surface (friction)


  2. 100,000 square milesform where two cirques are located back to back and create a sharp-edged ridge


  3. aquiferswhat time of year is represented by light varves


  4. jokulhlaupan ablation hallow that develops during intense sunshine


  5. Glouster harbor (actually spelled Gloucestor, but what can you do...)where was the epicenter of the Cape Ann earthquake?