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Challenges facing London


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Abandoned buildings and wasteland.
Social deprivation
The degree to which an individual or an area is deprived of services, decent housing, adequate income and local employment.
Urban decline
The deterioration of the inner city often caused by lack of investment and maintenance
Urban deprivation
A standard of living below that of the majority in a particular society that involves hardships and lack of access to resources
Newsham, Barking and Dagenham and Tower Hamlets
have the highest unemployment rates in the capital
16% of Londoners
are in the poorest tenth nationally
The richest 10% of people in London
have 60% of all assets
an unfair situation in which some people have more rights or better opportunities than other people, as evident in London
250 hectares
of brownfield sites could be redeveloped in London
Brownfield site
Land that has been used, abandoned and now awaits some new use. Commonly found across urban areas, particularly in the inner city.
Greenfield site
A plot of land, often in a rural or on the edge of an urban area that has not yet been subject to any building development.
Rural urban fringe
A zone of transition between the built-up area and the countryside, where there is often competition for land use. It is a zone of mixed land uses, from out of town shopping centres and golf courses to farmland and motorways.
Urban sprawl
The unplanned growth of urban areas into the surrounding countryside.
has 50,000 new London homes are to be built on 20 brownfield sites
Waste management
The way we deal with our waste
Nitrogen Oxide
Released from burning fossil fuels; creates respiratory infections, brownish haze, and acid rain and is a problem in London