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River Tees Flood management

High Force
The name of a waterfall of the River Tees
Cross Fell
A reservoir in the upper reaches of the river Tees. Helps control river levels
A town that is surrounded by one of the River Tees' meanders
V-shaped Valleys
Land forms found in the upper Tees valley
Tees estuary
An area of tidal mudflats found at the end of the River Tees
Tees Barrage
A barrier across the river Tees in Stockton designed to stop tidal waters moving any further upstream
The approximate length of the river Tees
The amount of rainfall in the source areas of the River Tees
The lower catchment
is close to sea level and predominantly tidal in nature
people live within the catchment area
Amount of properties at risk of flooding
The Mandale Loop
Was cut through and straightened to make the river more navigable
Reinforced concrete walls
Have been built in Yarm to protect against
Protect Yarm's flood walls and embankments from erosion