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the foundation for all artistic applications is

enhance positive features

The design process begins by analyzing the entire person and using the design elements and principles to

techniques and skills

In the hair design process, when deciding to take calculated risks, it is important to have a strong foundation in

form and space

In the principles of design, line defines

horizontal lines

Lines that extends in the same direction and maintain a constant distance apart are

diagonal lines

Lines positioned between horizontal and vertical, used to emphasize or minimize facial features, are

one - length style

An example of a hairstyle created using a single line is a

transitional lines

Curved lines that are used to blend and soften horizontal or vertical lines are


The three - dimensional mass or general outline of a hairstyle is referred to as its


In hairstyle, the area that surrounds the formis the

extremely curly

Natural wave patterns are described as straight, wavy, curly, and


In hair design, with every movement, the relationship of form and what other design element change


Hair texture changes can be created or changed temporarily with styling tools and permanently with

a round head shape

Smooth wave patterns accent the face and can be used to

darker and cooler

Illusions of dimension or depth are created when lighter and warmer colors are alternated with colors that are


For a client with gold skin tones, a flattering hair color tone would be


In the principles of art and design, the comparative relationship of one thing to another is called


In designing for clients with large or broad shoulders, the stylist would create styles with


Balance is described as creating equal or appropriate proportions to create


In designing, when the two sides are the same distance from the center, have the same length and volume, the balance is considered to be

asymmetrical balance

In designing , when opposite sides have different lengths or different volume and appear to have equal visual weight, it is referred to as


A recurrent pattern of movement in design is referred to as


The area of a design where the eye is drawn to first before traveling to the rest of the design is called the


The most important art principle that holds a design together is

oval face

The facial type that is about one and a half times longer than its width across the brow is the

create volume between the temples and jaws

To offset or round out the features of a square facial shape, the aim would be to


The facial shape with a narrow forehead and wide jaw and chin line is considered to be


The face profile with a receding forehead and chin is generally referred to as

slightly darker at the sides than top

To give the illusion of proportional eyes to a client with wideset eyes, the hair should be

bang area

The triangular section that begins at the apex or high point of the head and ends at the front corners is called the

curved Lines

softens a design

single Lines

A hairstyle with only one line such as the one-length hairstyle
require low maintenace

parallel lines

A finger wave is a example of a style using curved parrallel lines

Contrasting Lines

horizontal and vertical lines that meet at a 90 degree angle

Curly hair and extremely

___________________ hair do not reflect much light and could be coarse to the touch


It a design appear larger or smallercan be used to make all or part of

Dark and cool colors

____________recede or move in toward the head, creating the illusion of less volume

single line

A ______________of color, or a series of repeated lines, can create a bold, dramatic accent

are the basics of hair design

Proportion,rhythm, emphasis, and harmony

Proportion,rhythm, emphasis, and harmony

Five important principles in art and design

symmetrical balance

Hairstyle design that is similar on both sides of the face

asymmetrical balance

Hairstyle design that features unequal proportions designed to balance facial features


A regular recurrent pattern of movement in hairstyle

Emphasis or focus

Dry the eye first before traveling to the rest of the design

curly fine hair

hair when left long often separtes revealing the scalp unless the hair is thick in density

facial contour oval face

The __________ is about one and a half times longer than its width across the brow

Facial contour oval

To create the illusion of lenght to the face this will make the face appear slimmer

Triangular (pear shape)

narrow forehead, wide jaw, and chin line

create the illusion of width in the forehead

Triangular (pear shape)


Outline of the face head or figure seen in side view

straight convex concave

There are three basic profiles

Receding forehead

Direct the bangs over the forehead with an a outwardly directed volume

Close set eyes

usually found on long, narrow faces. Direct hair back and away from the face at the temples

diagonal part

gives height to a round or square face and width to a long, thin face

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