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What fossil gave a clue to the theory of continental drift?


The deepest parts of the ocean are located at ___________


What was the name of he supercontinent that existed 220 million years ago?


A divergent boundary that originates on land is known as a ______________

Inner Core

Which layer in the Earth generate the Earth's magnetic field?

Hot Spot

What formed the Hawaiian islands?


What was Wegener's training in?

Harry Hess

Who came up with the theory of sea-floor spreading?

Convection Current

A ____________ is the circular motion of material due to heating and cooling


All of he crust and the top portion of the mantle is known as the _____________


The northern half of the Pangaea


The only ocean that existed at the time of Pangaea


At the time of Pangaea, the __________ sea was located between Africa and Eurasia


The alps were created when Europe collided with _____________

Molten Rock

The rising up of material from the asthenosphere at mid ocean ridges is known as ______________


Beginning in 1990 the space probe __________ began to map the surface of Venus


The upper crust is made up primarily of _________ rocks


At a depth of about _______________km water is released from subducting plates

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