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So far only Ekhtelaaf by Hichkas.




agitation, excitement, stimulation

اختلاف طبقاتی

class struggle


oppression, injustice, tyranny

زخمی و بیمار کردن

to injure, sap

مایه دار

rich (wealthy), stiff, strong

کرایه (keraaye)

fare, hire, transport charges

حقیقت (haghighat)

fact, reality, truth

جا زدن

to fake, misrepresent, pose as

سعی کرد خودش را به عنوان دکتر جا بزند

he tried to misrepresent himself as a doctor

چوب بغل (choobebaghal)

crutch, crutches

بغل (baghal)

arms, embrace, hug

هیکل (heykal)

figure, physique, shape

کدخدا (kadkhodaa)

chief, elder, headman of a village

ارباب (arbaab)

boss, landowner, lord

یتیم (yatim)

fatherless, orphan, motherless

بلیه بلایا

calamity, disaster, misfortune

فرشته (fereshte)


فرثشته ی رحمت (fereshte ye rahmat)

angel of mercy

ناگهان فرشته ای بر او ظاهر شد

suddenly an angel appeared to him

فنا (fanaa)

annihilation, doom, extinction

فنا و بقا هر چیزی دست خداست

the perdition or survival of everything is in the hands of god

اشک (ashk)

tear, teardrop

اشک تمساح ریختن

to shed crocodile tears

خواب دیدن با

to sleep with

رکتر (roktar)

franker, blunter, more direct

دافع (daafe')

repellent, repulsive

قید (gheyd)

constraint, limitation, stipulation

ناموس (naamoos)

chastity, purity, sacred or important ideal

فحش دادن (fahsh daadan)

to curse, damn, swear

لعنتی (lanaati)

confounded, damned, f*cking

فخر (fakhr)

boasting, fanfare, vanity

صرف (sarf)

advantage, consumption, expense

صرف داشت (sarf daashtan)

to be advantageous, spend

کینه (kineh)

hostility, ill will, spite

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