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Vacation Questions

Basic questions to talk about vacations... Try this quiz.
How was your holiday?
It was ___________________.
Where did you go?
I went to ______________.
How long did you stay there?
I stayed _____ weeks.
How did you get there?
I flew / took _________.
Which airline did you take?
I flew _____________(airline).
How was the flight?
It was __________.
How was the weather?
The weather was _______________.
Where did you stay?
I stayed at ___________________.
What kind of food did you eat?
I ate __________________.
What did you do there?
I _________ and ________________.
What souvenirs did you buy?
I bought ___________.
What language did you speak?
I spoke _____________.
How did you get around?
I got around by __________.
Where are you planning to go next?
Next vacation, I'm going to _____________.