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12 terms

Unscramble the Sentences

Exercise to make sentences.
Amanda doesn't like her room because it is too small.
Amanda / because / room / her / small / like / doesn't / too / it's
How far is the school from the theater?
far / the theater / how / the school / from / is / ?
I will bring the birthday cake to the party.
bring / to / will / the birthday cake / I / the party
Linda will meet him at the airport at noon.
the airport / him / will / at / Linda / meet / noon / at
May I borrow that book from you?
borrow / I / may / that book / you / from / ?
The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and warm.
sunny and warm / for / the forecast / tomorrow / is
Our cable TV is only 26.99 a month
only month TV our 26.99 cable is a
Do you own your house or rent?
rent do house own you your or ?
I want to go to the mountains.
to want I mountains. go to the
I want to live a long and happy life.
and live I want life. to long a happy
When did they arrive at the party?
they did the party When at arrive ?
Three dogs ran into the house.
Three house dogs into ran the