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GCSE River management

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A wall of concrete and steel design to block a rivers path and control its flow
Hard engineering
involves the building of entirely ARTIFICIAL structures using various materials such as rock, concrete and steel
Soft engineering
managing a river using natural materials and mimicking natural processes to protect more vulnerable areas
Planting trees to increase interception
Straightening meanders
Removing the bends from rivers to increase the speed which water clears an area
Flood plain zoning
Limiting building use on a flood plain according to levels of RISK
Flood warnings
A system of meters and gauges that judge river flow, before people at risk are contacted
Flood walls
Vertical structures of brick and steel designed to stop flooding and increase channel capacity
Earthen banks designed to stop flooding and increase channel capacity
Straightening Meanders
when a natural curve in the course is left as the river flows through a more direct route
Flood relief channels
an artificially made channel that is designed as a back up channel for a river that frequently floods