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  1. The black leader who identified with the Atlanta Compromise was...
  2. The progressives attempted their first political reforms in the
  3. During the latter part of the nineteenth century Republicans were particularly strong in the _____ states?
  4. The black militant who founded the Afro-American League and called for blacks to use violence when attacked by whites was
  5. Roosevelt reacted to the creation of the northern security companies by
  1. a cities
  2. b New England
  3. c suing to have it desolved under the Sherman anti trust act.
  4. d Thomas Fortune
  5. e Booker T. Washington

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  1. regulate rather than eliminate them.
  2. The Populist Party
  3. William Howard taft
  4. colored farmers' alliance
  5. Theodore roosevelt

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  1. when it came to non whites white progressives tended to benever a single group seeking a single objective


  2. Many Urban reformers resented the boss system because it...the solution to social problems was to change the faulty institutions


  3. McKinley won by carrying the states iin theeast, Midwest and pacific coast


  4. Leading Magazine editor and crusading reformer if the early 20th century was...were weak leaders


  5. during his second term, when the progressive movement became more steadily liberal, Theodore rooseveltused his power imaginatively and aggressively