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  1. In 1892 the populist nominee for presiden was former Union General
  2. Ultimately the battle between gold and silver
  3. After the election of 1892, it became clear that___ was the utmost interest to voters
  4. in 1912 the breakup of the Republican part produced an independent third party, the progressives led by
  5. National Elections between 1856 and 1912 were characterized by...
  1. a coinage of silver
  2. b Theodore roosevelt
  3. c was insignificant because with in two decades the country abandoned basing the volume of currency on bullion
  4. d close elections won mostly by republicans
  5. e James B.Weaver

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  1. lack of physical and mental stamina
  2. Ashcan artists
  3. in religious affiliations, geographic location, and ethnic backgrounds.
  4. superficial because the key question was halting the inflationary spiral of economy.
  5. clayton antitrust

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  1. The presidents during the last quarter or the century ..were weak leaders


  2. In Muller v. Oregon attorney general Louis Brandeis presented a "brandeis Brief", to the supreme court, which was based on...economic and sociological evidence


  3. How did the theories of Sigmund Freud affect the ideas and behaviors of progressive intellectuals.They often used Freud's ideas as in excuse to reject Victorian Prudery.


  4. Theodore Roosevelt believed that the most effective means of dealing with big corporations was toregulate rather than eliminate them.


  5. During the latter part of the nineteenth century Republicans were particularly strong in the _____ states?New England