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  1. The "bloody shirt" issue of the late 1800s refers to
  2. Rutherford B. Hayes was nominated for the presidency because of his reputation for
  3. the dramatic cross of gold speech
  4. "if one race be inferior to the other socially, the constitution of the US cannot put them in the same place" The source of this quote was...
  5. National ownership of the railroads, unlimited coinage of silver, and the creation of a "sub treasury" were all part of the platform of which party?
  1. a William Jennings bryan
  2. b post-civil war sectional tensions
  3. c Plessy v. Ferguson
  4. d being honest and moderate
  5. e The Populist Party

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  1. tried but failed to establish cooperatives for their crops because they could not raise the necessary capital rom banks
  2. economic and sociological evidence
  3. cities
  4. a victimized majority betrayed by the establishment
  5. close elections won mostly by republicans

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  1. The black leader who identified with the Atlanta Compromise was...Booker T. Washington


  2. in the election of 1896 McKinleys campaign manager, who raised an enormous campaign fund from business, was...Blanketed the country with campaign literature


  3. Blacks in the South were not totally disfranchised or segregated untilsouthern states enacted literacy tests in the 1890s


  4. The debate over coinage of silver in the 19th century wassuperficial because the key question was halting the inflationary spiral of economy.


  5. During the late 19th century the house of representatives was....disorderly and inefficient


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