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  1. Tafts major liability as president was his
  2. McKinley campaign manager Marcus Hanna
  3. The platform of the People's Populist Party called for a
  4. The small town business man who led an "Army: of unemployed on a march to Washington D.C. in 1894 was
  5. During the late 19th century the house of representatives was....
  1. a graduated income Tax
  2. b Blanketed the country with campaign literature
  3. c Jacob Coxey
  4. d lack of physical and mental stamina
  5. e disorderly and inefficient

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  1. was insignificant because with in two decades the country abandoned basing the volume of currency on bullion
  2. southern states enacted literacy tests in the 1890s
  3. close elections won mostly by republicans
  4. Booker T. Washington
  5. woman suffrage

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  1. During the late 1800s the legislative body known as the "Rich man's club" was the ...tried but failed to establish cooperatives for their crops because they could not raise the necessary capital rom banks


  2. what was the main issue propounded by William Jennings bryan in the election of 1896 ?Bryan's approach was parochial, whereas McKinley's was national


  3. The debate over coinage of silver in the 19th century wassuperficial because the key question was halting the inflationary spiral of economy.


  4. the politician who advocated a new nationalism wasfair deal


  5. The painter, such as Robert Henri and George Luks, who sympathized with the progressive reforms and who painted city slums scenes wereAshcan artists