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  1. In Muller v. Oregon attorney general Louis Brandeis presented a "brandeis Brief", to the supreme court, which was based on...
  2. during his second term, when the progressive movement became more steadily liberal, Theodore roosevelt
  3. After the election of 1892, it became clear that___ was the utmost interest to voters
  4. The New York Democrat who won the "dirty presidential election of 1884 was...
  5. The debate over coinage of silver in the 19th century was
  1. a also took more liberal positions
  2. b superficial because the key question was halting the inflationary spiral of economy.
  3. c coinage of silver
  4. d Grover Cleveland
  5. e economic and sociological evidence

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  1. women's moral superiority would clean up politics If they were given the vote
  2. efforts to regulate and control big business
  3. Gave power to poor immigrants
  4. Booker T. Washington
  5. felt their ambitions and sense of importance were undermined by the new giant corporations

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  1. McKinley won by carrying the states iin thea victimized majority betrayed by the establishment


  2. in the election of 1896 McKinleys campaign manager, who raised an enormous campaign fund from business, was...coinage of silver


  3. the dramatic cross of gold speechWilliam Jennings bryan


  4. what happened to Wilson's New freedom once he was president ?strongly prejudiced against them


  5. Rutherford B. Hayes was nominated for the presidency because of his reputation forbeing honest and moderate