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  1. the primary result of the 1906 Hepburn act was to
  2. Rutherford B. Hayes was nominated for the presidency because of his reputation for
  3. Political campaigns during the late 19th century were characterized by ...
  4. Robert La Follette was particularly associated with
  5. National Elections between 1856 and 1912 were characterized by...
  1. a being honest and moderate
  2. b character assassinations, bribery, and fraud.
  3. c close elections won mostly by republicans
  4. d make the interstate commerce commission more powerful and active
  5. e promotion of specialized technical knowledge and legislative reference services to promote progressive reform.

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  1. Victorian sexual inhibitions
  2. fair deal
  3. S.S. McClure
  4. Thomas Fortune
  5. the acceleration of the tendency towards industrial concentration

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  1. taft got into political water in the 1910 ballinger pinchhot controversy, which dealt withwere weak leaders


  2. The coinage act of 1894 and 1895, at the beginning of Grover Cleveland's presidency, the ecomonyfloundered in one of the worst depressions on American History


  3. McKinley campaign manager Marcus HannaBlanketed the country with campaign literature


  4. The New York Democrat who won the "dirty presidential election of 1884 was...Farmers' alliance


  5. Blacks in the South were not totally disfranchised or segregated untilsouthern states enacted literacy tests in the 1890s