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A list that dives deep into the fine nuances of vocabulary and examines words etymologically.

تَبِقَ (Classical Arabic)

to cover or a thing that is the equal of another thing of any kind in its measure so that it covers the whole extent of the latter like a lid.

تظبيق (Classical Arabic)

The making of a thing to suit, match, tally, conform, correspond or agree wirh another thing.

طَبَقَه (Classical Arabic)

Any one of two or more things that are placed or situated one above another; a layer or stratum.

تطبيق (Meaning 01)

برادر بودن دو چيز با يك ديگر به طوري كه در تمام يا اغلب اجزا مانند هم باشند، مطابقت داشتن، برابري، هم آهنگي

تطبيق (Meaning 02)

مقايسه كردن دو چند چيز با يك ديگر، سنخيدن

فَتَحَ (Classical Arabic)

to disclose, open, reveal

فَتَح (Steingass)

Opening a door, taking a city, giving judgement in a lawsuit, marking a letter with the vowel sign fathah, opposition of two planets, good result, success, conquer, take a possession of

فتح (fate)

pass, permit, victory

فتحی کلام دادن

to begin a speech, open a discourse

فُتوح (Steingass)

open (gate), wide, wide mouthed and without a stopper


beginning to converse or tell a story, going together before a judge or arbiter, carnal connection

فتح نامه

despatches announcing a victory

فتح مند


افتتاح (eftetaah)

commencement, inauguration, opening

مفتوح (maftooh)

conquered, inaugurated, opened

فتح باب كردن

to be the first to begin a business

ثَنَی (Classical Arabic)

to bend, fold, doubling or double up, turn away or back

ثَنی (Steingass)

Shedding the first teeth

استثناء (Steingass)

Exception, exclusion, setting aside, distinction; rejection

استثنا (estesnaa)

exception, favoritism

استثنا قابل شدن

to favor someone, make an exception, show partiality

معلم نباید استثنا قابل شود

a teacher should not show favoritism

استثنائاً (estesnaa'an)

exceptionally, in the way of exception

استثنائاً او را راه دادند

they made an exception and let him in

استثنایی (estesnaayi)

atypical, exceptional, exclusive

مدرسه ای برای کودکان استثنایی

a school for exceptional students

یک فرصت استثنایی

an exceptional opportunity

فوت (Classical Arabic)

to pass away, slip (an opportunity), escape, loose, miss

تفاوت (Steingass)

Being absent, far asunder; difference, distinction, separation, disparity, discrepancy, contradiction; distance, interval.

فوت شده

Dead, lost, neglected, passed away or perishing, ruined.

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