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Persian Farsi Newspaper Reader - Text 30

Words stumbled across while working through text 30 of the Hillmann text.
learned, remainder, whatever is realised over and above the estimated produce
فاضل (faazel)
approved, chosen, one makes choices or approves
مرتضی (mortazaa)
deserter, fugitive, on the lam
فراری (faraari)
as follows
به شرح ذیل, به شرح زیر
شرحه (sharhe)
biography, life story
شرح حال (sharhehaal)
lucid description
شرح كشاف
complete description, detailed description
شرح مبسوط
description, explanation, particulars
شرح (sharh)
table of rates
شرح بندی
commentary, elucidation, explanation
شرح گستری (sharhe gostari)
at a low rate, on moderate terms
کم شرح
explicitly and openly
شرح و بست
approval, kindness, patronage
عنایت (enaayyat)
rank, stage, time
مرتبه مراتب (martabe)
degrees, hierarchical, stages
مراتب (maraateb)
comprehensive, detailed, elaborate
مبسوط (mabsoot)
detector, explainer, solver
above mentioned, aforesaid, mentioned
مذکور (mazkoor)
aggregate, amount, total
مجموع (majmoo')
conversation, discussion
مذاکره (mozaakare)
محتویات (mohtaviyaat)
content(s), ingredient(s), purport
محتوا (mohtavaa)
consisting, container, containing
محتوی (mohtavi)
absolute, definite, indisputable
مسلم (mosallam)
confirmed, established, unmistakable
محرز (mohrez)
container, duration, utensil
ظرف (zarf)
long, prolonged, protracted
متمادی (motamaadi)
corrupting, demoralizing, demonizing
افساد (efsaad)
conspiracy, plot, scheme
دسیسه (dasise)
injustice, oppression
تعدی (ta'addi)
اموال (amvaal)
املاک (amlaak)
pillage, plunder
یغما (yaghmaa)
عتیقه (atighe)
so, then, therefore
لذا (lazaa)
وجوه (vajve)
band, clique, gang
باند (baand)
corrupter on earth, depraved, malicious
مفسد فی الارض (mofsed fi allaarz)
to distinguish, recognize differences
تشخیص دادن
رعایت (ra'aiyyaat)
based on documentation
مستنداً (mostanadan)
committing wrong, offender, perpetrator
مرتکب (mortakeb)
aggravation, escalation, intensification
تشدید (tashdid)
approved, passed, ratified
مصوب (mosavvab)
saboteur, trouble maker
اخلاگر (akhlaalgar)
busy, engaged, occupied
مشغول (mashghool)
making ready, preparing
تهیه (tahiye)
causing trouble, sabotage, spoiling
اخلال (ekhlaal)
injury, loss
لطمه لطمات (latme, latamaat)
bribery, bribe taking, graft
ارتشاء (erteshaa')
advisability, best course of action, prudence
مصلحت (maslahat)
prime defendant
متهم ردیف اول
aggravated punishment law
قانون تشدید مجازات
in observance of articles 42 and 47
با رعایت مواد 42 و 47
individuals found guilty of graft, bribery and swindling
مرتکبین ارتشا و اختلاس و کلاهبرداری
item 5 of article 1
بند 5 ماده 1
instances, regards
موارد (movaared)