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School Law study questions, focused on Bds of Ed.

Local Board of Education

Oversees all hiring and firing of personnel.

Local Board of Education

Can enter into contracts.


Can refer employees for dismissal.

Ed Code

Establishes formal control of school districts by Boards of Education

Local Board of Education

Must hold open meetings (as per Brown Act).

Eligibility for Election includes:

18 years old or older
U.S. citizen
Resident of the district
Registered voter
Not disqualified by constitution or laws from holding civil office


May be employed by a district that has 80 or more teachers


School Board members may be compensated for their service.

Local Board of Education

Appoints district Superintendent


Prepares and submits district's budget to the governing board.


Ensures employees in certificated positions hold the required credentials


can enter into contracts on behalf of the district


Responsible for the day-to-day running of a school

Board of education

Have State, County and Local bodies


Has State, County and Local positions

Ed Code

Can be altered by the State legislature only.

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