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  1. "Stages" of Revolution
  2. King Louis XIV (14th)
  3. Industrial Revolution
  4. Concert of Europe
  5. Berlin Conference of 1884
  1. a a diplomatic event held by Otto von Bismarck to discuss the division of Africa; signified Germany's interest in colonialization and imperialism
  2. b 1. French Revolution
    2.Transitional Phase
    3.Radical Phase
    4. Rise and Fall of Napoleon
  3. c Loose series of European alliances where nations would help one another if a revolution broke out. It didn't stop revoltuions from occurring, but it did stop many nations from fighting each other.
  4. d An agrarian revolution and industrialization that began in Great Britain that caused a shift from an economy based on farming and handicrafts to an economy based on manufacturing machines in factories. The significnce of the industrial revolution was that it aloud products to be mass produced. The reasons the IR began in GB was that they had increased food supply so pop. Increased and they had a high labor supply, they had a ready supply of money for the factories, they had plentiful natural resources and that had a supply of markets which gave the manufacturers a ready outlet for their goods.
  5. e Also known as the sun king, king louis ____ was an absolute ruler. This meant that he had total power over france. Louis reign was consigered the best example of an absolute monarchy. Louis took the throne at age 23 only a day after King Mazarins death. The palace of Versailles was home to the kings of france from 1682 to 1790 and it was a sybol of King Louis absolute rule. The court of Louis was imitated throughout Europe.

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  1. is a system where anyone can own anything privately, but at the same time you must work hard. In this system very many things are given to you by the government. Especially welfare, also things like armies and hospitals. Equalness is key
  2. when a group of military men hired by the british east India company grew to distrut the british because of a rumor going around that they used pig and cow fat to douse their guns cartridges. Pig and cow fat was very sacred to the hindus and muslims and it caused them to be distraught and rebel, they were thrown in jail. This caused others to fight to save them.
  3. Political theory, advocated by Bismarck, that national success justifies any means possible
  4. Absolute monarchy, caused many crisisis and Revolts in England. Took on a role of a depressed and in debt country
  5. a political system in which a ruler holds total power

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  1. Latin American social structurepeninsulares, creoles, mestizos, mulatoes, african, natives


  2. Qing Dynastyas the second time when the whole of China was ruled by foreigners, the Manchu. Very Succesful but eventually collapsed


  3. Leopold II(reigned 1865-1909) King of Belgium who employed Henry Morton Stanley to help develop commercial ventures and establish a colony called the Congo Free State in the basin of the Congo River


  4. Opium WarsChinese appeal to britians queen to stop the opium trade. The british government does not reply. China searches british ships, throwing opium cargo into the ocean. British declare war 1839. British win


  5. French Revolution of 1789when the government of Louis Phillippe refused to make changes his government was overthrown. The middle class was looking for the right to vote and the lower class where struggling during the tough economic times. A group or moderate and radical republicans set up a provisional government or temporary gov't. they wanted a government where in which leaders are elected.


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