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GRE Verbal Roots, prefixes, sufixes


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Root word
Main word
Group of letters placed before the root word
Group of letters placed after the root word
Used to describe a group of sounds that is meaningful.
Person, place, thing
Describes a noun
Ex: Cat. You want to describe the cat. By color, size, shape. "A black cat".
Tells us what the cat looks like
Action word
Ex: Run, jogging, going up, down, dance, etc.

Can also be non-action
Ex: Thinking,
Describes a verb
Tells you how the action was done.
Ex:Using the verb "run", I would tell you HOW I ran. Slowly, fast.
-Most adverbs end in -ly, but not all.
What is the verb, and the adverb?
I walk quickly.
Verb: walk
Adverb: quickly

Quickly describes how the action is done.
What is the verb, and the adverb?
I sing loudly.
Verb: sing
Adverb: loudly
What is the noun, and the adjective?
The cat is tired
Noun: cat
Adjective: tired
What is the noun, and the adjective?
I am hot.
Noun: I (me)
Adjective: hot
"To be" verb:
am/ is/ are
The person or thing that does something.
A person or thing that receives the action of a verb.
Word Order:
Subject + Verb + Object

He + reads + books.

In english, always have this order.
Subject + Verb + Object:
Ex: I like eggs.
She sees her sister.
He is reading a book
Subject + Verb Structure:
Does NOT have a Object.
Ex: Melissa reads.
She is eating
Jim will leave.
Subject + Verb + Adjective:
Laura is busy.
He is smart.
The flowers are red.
Subject + verb + Adverb:
Sara is here.
(This sentence tells us where Sara is)
Jeff ran slowly.
(Tells us how fast Jeff ran)
People are everywhere.
Subject + Verb + Noun:
She is my friend.
They are teachers.
He is a doctor.
"If" and "then" statements:
If __hypothesis__ , then __conclusion__.

If I ear ice cream, then I will study for the GRE Exam.
(n) A moment of sudden revelation.
Synonyms: Realisation, insight.
(adj) Lying face upwards
Syn: Recumbent, prostrate