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General and political leader of Rome. Suffers from epilepsy, is very arrogant (uses third person when speaking). Supposed to be crowned king, but is killed


Wife of Caesar, infertile, begs Caesar not to leave the house on the Ides of March


Roman senator who joins the conspiracy against Caesar. Becomes the tragic hero by committing suicide.


Wife of Brutus convinces him to tell her of the plans to assassinate Caesar. Commits suicide by swallowing hot coals out of worry for Brutus.


General and long time acquaintance of Caesar dislikes how Romans admire Caesar, so comes up with the plan to assassinate him. He convinces Brutus to join him with persuasion and trickery


Public figure opposed to Caesar's rise to power, first to stab Caesar


Sided with conspirators; helps convince Brutus to join the conspiracy


Suggests the murder of Marc Antony, but is turned down by Brutus. One of the conspirators


Pleads with Caesar that the banishment of his brother be revoked (Caesar refuses), one of the conspirators


One of most trusted Roman generals by Caesar, before becoming a conspirator


Roman senator, later dies by the command of Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius


Senator of Rome. P_________


Roman senator, not one of the conspirators


A tribute who dislikes the fickleness of the Roman citizens, punished for removing Caesar decorations during a parade for Caesar. F___________


A tribute who dislikes the fickleness of the Roman citizens, punished for removing Caesar decorations during a parade for Caesar. M_________


A friend of Caesar, claims to support Brutus and Cassius, but turns and persuades Roman citizens to revolt.


Trusted by Octavius, not by Antony, part of the triumvirate


Caesar's adopted son and successor, returns to Rome to join Antony and Lepidus in the triumvirate against Brutus and Cassius


Conspirator who impersonates Brutus at Philippe, caught by Antony. His life is spared by Antony and Octavius.


Friend of Cassius, conspirator. Spies on Octavius' army, and is thought to have been surrounded, but wasn't. Kills himself because of grief over Cassius' death.


Friend of Brutus and Cassius, conspirator. M_________


Servant to Brutus. V_________


Helps Brutus to commit suicide by holding the sword as he runs into it. Conspirator.


One of the conspirators who was asked by Brutus to help him commit suicide, but refuses. D______


One of the conspirators who was asked by Brutus to help him commit suicide, but refuses. C___


Tells Caesar to beware the Ides of March, foreshadowing his assassination


Tries to warn Caesar of the conspiracy against him, but fails


the poet Killed for sharing the name of the conspirator Cinna

Henry Fleming

Young soldier fighting for the Union army during the Civil War, flees at first from battle, but then returns to becoming one of the best in his regiment

Jim Conklin

Henry's friend, wounded during the first battle and soon dies, he was an important moral contrast to Henry.


A loud private; Henry's friend in the regiment. Wilson and Henry grow close as they share the harsh experiences of war and gain a reputation as the regiment's best fighters

Henry's Mother

Encountered only in a brief flashback, ______________ opposed his enlisting in the army. Though her advice is only briefly summarized in Henry's flashback, it contains several difficult themes including the insignificance of Harry's life in the grand scheme of the world.


a genre of a novel which focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood.

Feast of Luprical

at the ___________ ___ ___________an infertile woman can be touched and they will no longer be infertile


______________ is suspicious of Cassius and believes he is up to no good


__________fears Caesar being king


________ is epileptic


________ persuades Brutus by giving him three anonymous letters of admiration

Slaves hand on fire but not burning and a lion that did not attack

What bad omens did Casca see on the Ides of March?

Brutus and Trebonius

Who was involved in the conspiracy first?


__________believes killing Caesar is in the best interest of the people


__________ does not take an oath because he believes they're either all in it or not at all


_________ does not want to kill Marc Antony because he says it's not necessary because he is nothing without Caesar (Right Arm Marc Antony is nothing without body Caesar)


___________ does not want Cicero to join because he believes he will not follow through


_________ has dreams of Caesar being murdered

pregnant lion giving birth Dead people pushed out of their graves, Raining blood and ghosts,

What bad omens does Caplhurnia see


___________ asks a fortune teller to look at an animals entrails to tell the future of himself, and they couldn't find a heart


______________ tries to warn Caesar about the conspiracy but fails

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