Psych 2: ADHD & Autism Spectrum d/o

Persistent pattern of inattention ____ hyperactivity/impulsivity that interferes w/ functioning or development is considered ADHD
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Although individuals with Autism have difficulty developing relationships/friends, impaired interpretation of non-verbal & emotional cues, and have a lack of interest in SHARING ENJOYMENT, the most common presentation is _____.Delays in language developmentTo be considered Autism Spectrum d/o 2 of the following must be present, Now or EVER... - Extreme interest out of line with normal things (weather, calculations, schedules, dates, etc) - Repetitive motor movements (twisting, rocking, swaying, tip-toe walking, etc) - NEED for Sameness/can't adapt & transition - ______HYPER RESPONSE to environmental stimuliSymptoms of Autism Spectrum d/o may not manifest until _____social demands exceed capacityAlthough we want to Dx at an early developmental period, the ultimate goal is to ______, communication, & adaptation.improve social/academic function________ guarantees a free public education for every child with a disability in the US, developed and ran by each stateThe Individuals w/ Disabilities Act (IDEA)As a child becomes eligible for school-based services, the ____ is RESPONSIBLE for services and educationpublic school systemSuccessful autism educational programs include (more, but these are the only ones not completely common sense)... - ________ - Family Involvementminimum of 25hrs/week of servicesIdeally given by a Psychiatrist, ______ are 2nd-line therapy, and the ONLY psychotropic meds for treatment of Autism Spectrum d/o (ASD)Risperidone (Risperdal) & Aripiprazole (Abilify)