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  1. recluse
  2. chimerical
  3. raconteur
  4. draconian
  5. gerrymander
  1. a to divide a geographic area into voting districts so as to give unfair advantage to one party in elections
  2. b a person who leads a seluded or solitary life
  3. c characterized by very strick laws, rules, and punishments
  4. d given to fantastic schemes; existing only in the imagination; impossible; vainly conceived
  5. e a person who excels in telling

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  1. discovery by fortunate accident
  2. a disloyal person who betrays his or her cause; a traitor; a deserter
  3. a supporter of a person, party, or cause; a person with strong and perhaps biased beliefs
  4. to electrify; to stir into action as if with an electric shock
  5. an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party; a nonconformist

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  1. charlatansimple; plain; austere


  2. quixoticfoolishly impractical in the pursuit of ideals; impractical idealism


  3. iconoclasta person who attacks and ridicules cherished figures, ideas, and institutions


  4. misanthropea person who makes a gift or bequest


  5. prognosticatorone who argues in support of something; an advocate; a champion of a cause