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  1. fiasco
  2. hedonist
  3. serendipity
  4. ostracize
  5. raconteur
  1. a a person who believes that a pleasure is the chief goal of life
  2. b a person who excels in telling
  3. c a complete failure; a debacle
  4. d discovery by fortunate accident
  5. e to deliberately exclude from a group; to banish

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  1. small value or importance; petty; trifling
  2. someone who is clumsy or inept; a person who makes mistakes because of incompetence
  3. a person seeks favor by flattering people of influence; a today; someone who behaves in an obsequious or servile manner.
  4. having the supposed power to see objects and events that cannot be perceived with the five traditional senses; a seer
  5. a beginner; someone new to a field or activity

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  1. patronsimple; plain; austere


  2. misanthropea person who hates or distrusts humankind


  3. martineta supporter of a person, party, or cause; a person with strong and perhaps biased beliefs


  4. galvanizeto deliberately exclude from a group; to banish


  5. juggernautan expert commentator; an authority who expresses his or her opinion, usually on political issues