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Words encountered while looking up other words ... and stuff.

به تحقیق


تحقیقات علمی

scientific research


certainly, definitely, exactly

غلط گیر (ghalatgir)


عجوزه (ajooze)

crone, hag, witch

صفر مجموع


صفر مطلق

absolute zero

کرگدن (kargadan)


کرجی (karaji)

barque, boat, dhow

استخراج (estekhraaj)

exploitation, extraction, mining

استثنا (estesnaa)

exception, favoritism

کرتینه (kartine)

a spider's web, the part in which the spider lays her eggs (lit)


ban, boycott, embargo


agitation, intrigue, provocation

تقدیر (taghdir)

appreciation, destiny, fate

سریال (seryaal)

episodic, sequel, series

خاموشي شهر, قطع كامل برق

black out

به کارگردانی

directed by


celebration, glorification, homage

بخشودگی (bakhshoodegi)

amnest, exemption, pardon

ضميم پيوسته



annex, attached, supplement

ضمیمه ی نامه

enclosed with the letter

مدارک لازم را به ضمیمه ارسال داشتن

to enclose the required documents

مضحکه (mazhake)

butt of jokes, laughingstock

بخشنده (bakhshande)

forgiving, merciful, placable

بخشوده (bakhshoode)

exempt, forgiven, immune

بخشودگی (bakshoodegi)

amnesty, excusal, pardon

معافیت (mo'afiyyat)

exemption, excuse, exception

ترویج (tarvij)

boosting, popularization, furtherance

ترویج دادن (tarvij daadan)

to further, popularize, propagate

شاداب (shaadaab)

fresh, juicy, succulent

شادابی (shaadaabi)

freshness, juiciness, youthfulness

اولویت (olaviyyat)

preference, primacy, priority

محبوبیت (mahboobiyyat)

fashionableness, popularity, vogue

شهرت (shohrat)

celebrity, fame, renown

عفاف و حجاب

chastity and the veil

هنجار (hanjaar)

method, normal, way

هنجاری (hanjaari)

normality, normative

ناهنجار (naa hanjaar)

cacophonous, raucous, strident

توقیف (toghif)

arrest, custody, confinement

کامیون (kaamiyoon)

lorry, truck

کفالت (kefaalat)

bail, stewardship, tutelage

به قید کفالت آزاد شدن

to be freed on bail

کفالت نامه

bail bond

خواهر (khaahar)


خواهراندر (khaaharandar)

half sister

تحریم (tahrim)

ban, embargo, prohibition

تهیدستی (tohidasti)

empty-handedness, pennilessness, poverty

گلدوزی (goldoozi)

embroidery, floral embroidery

تودرتو (too dar too)

complicated, convoluted, intricate

شرف (sharaf)

dignity, honor, superiority

تعزیه (ta'ziye)

grieving, mourning, passion play

التماس (eltemaas)

begging, plea, supplication

چیستان (chistaan)

enigma, riddle, puzzle

ضیافت (ziyaafat)

banquet, gala, party

ضیافت به افتخار سفیر کبیر جدید هندوستان

a banquet honoring India's new ambassador

در بر داشتن

to contain, have, involve

در بر گرفتن

to embrace, hold in one's arms, involve

پسر گیر

adopted son

متقابل (motaghaabel)

mutual, reciprocal, two-way

افسون (afsoon)

charm, enchantment, magi

منتسب (montaseb)

attributable, attributed, related

عطف (atf)

reference, referring, regarding

عطف کردن (atf kardan)

to divert, refer, turn

منسوب (mansoob)

family member, kinsman, relative

رجوع (rojoo)

reference, referral, revoking

ارجاع (erjaa')

assignment, cross reference, referring

رکود (rokood)

inertia, stagnation, stand still

مصلحت مصالح (masalahat, masaale)

advisability, best course of action, expediency

یارانه (yaaraane)


غلت (ghalt)

roll, rolling, toss

باید و شاید

as expected, as required

غلط (ghalat)

blunder, error, mistake

مصالح (masaale)

advisable or expedient things, interests

وصیت نامه (vasiyyat naame)

last will and testament

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