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Which of the following star colors has the highest temperaure?


What are the two forces that keep a star in a balanced, stable condition, while it is a main sequenced star

high temperature expansion and gravitational contraction.

Where a main sequenced star is located on the HR-Diagram depends on its temperature and its


Why does a less massive star have a longer life span

higher pressure at the core of a massive star means a faster fusion reaction.

Which of the following describes the correct order of events in the life of a star?

prostar, main sequence, red giant, supernova, black hole

In which part of a newborn star does a fussion reaction occur

the core

What are astronmical distances not measured with standard referent units of distance such as kilometers or miles

All of the above

Nearby stars appear to move ______ relative to polaris

counter clockwise

How far polaris appears above the horizon depends on

your latitude

The name of our galaxy is the

Milky Way

Compared to the magnitude of one star a star with a magnitude of 2 is

less than half is bright

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