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What property of a compound light microscope enables a person to change objectives without major focusing adjustments?
a)resolving power


How does closing the iris diaphragm affect image brightness and contrast?
a)decreases both
b)increases both
c)decreases brightness and increases contrast
d)increases brightness and decreases contrast
e)decreases brightness but has no effect on contrast

decreases brightness and increases contrast

Which of the following objectives has the shortest working distance?
4X , 10X, 45X or 100X


What effect will changing from the low power objective to the high power objective have on the field of view of a specimen?
c)no effect


If the letter p is placed under the microscope in the normal reading position, which of the following orientations of the letter would the viewer see?


Two parts of the microscope that regulate the amount of light visible through the ocular are the:
a)fine and coarse adjustment knobs
b)ocular and objective lenses
c)illuminator and revolving nosepiece
d)condenser and iris diaphragm

condenser and iris diaphragm

Under which magnification would the distance between the objective and the specimen being observed be the least?
40X, 100X, 450X or 1000X


Turning which of the following knobs moves the objective lenses the greatest vertical distance?
a)coarse focus knob
b)fine focus knob

coarse focus knob

Resolution is the ability to see two objects as separate.


Which of the following regulates the amount of light passing through the slide specimen on the microscope stage?
b)objective lens
c)iris diaphragm lever ?
d)fine focus knob

iris diaphragm lever

An increase in magnification causes
a)a decrease in the field of view.
b)a decrease in the working distance.
c)a decrease in the depth of field.
d)all of the above.

all the above

Working distance is the
a)distance from your house to your job.
b)distance the microscope nosepiece travels using the coarse focus knob.
c)distance from the bottom of the objective lens to the specimen.
d)distance the specimen can travel across the microscope stage.

distance from the bottom of the objective lens to the specimen.

When adjusting a binocular microscope for differences between right and left eyes, focus the microscope with the fine adjustment while viewing only with the right eye (fixed ocular).


When using the oil immersion lens, you should raise the objective lenses for easy application of an oil droplet to the slide.



A parfocal microscope allows you to quickly focus using the low power or scanning lens and then, to switch to a higher power lens with only a minimal adjustment of the fine focus knob.
True or False


Why is it necessary to adjust the amount of light after changing objective lenses?
a)Higher magnification lenses require more light.
b)Proper lighting is needed to see specimen details.
c)The lens aperture decreases with higher magnification lenses.
d)All of the above.

All of the above

Which of the following parts of the microscope would increase the depth of field?
b)high power objective
c)fine focus
d)low power objective

low power objective

Depth of field is best demonstrated with
a)a slide showing the letter e.
b)a slide containing overlapping threads.
c)the light turned completely off.
d)the oil immersion lens.

a slide containing overlapping threads.

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