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Final: The Great Depression

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Workers- Through the growth of labor unions, the numbers grew and became politically powerful. New Deal acts were put in place to help workers such as the WPA. It's purpose was to put millions of unemployed Americans to work through governmental projects, many of which involved rebuilding American infrastructure such as highways, bridges, parks, etc.

Farmers- economic and political, numerous and a dominant economic member. New deal acts were also put into place for farmers such as
AAA, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration
FSA, the Farm Security Administration
CCC, the Civilian Conservation Corps
NRA, the National Recovery Act
NYA, the National Youth Administration
WPA, the Works Progress (later Projects) Administration
PWA, the Public Works Administration
SSA, the Social Security Administration
REA, the Rural Electrification Administration

African Americans - Democrats unwilling to lose support of Solid South and unwilling to change codes of racism in the US, maintained segregation.

Native Americans- People were suppose to treat Native Americans by accepting them and use cultural relativism (no superior or inferior races) John Collier passed the The Indian Reorganization Act ended the Dawes Act but everything was basically ineffective for the most part because many Native Americans did not agree with Collier. Poor quality land was given back and Native Americans remained very poor yet tribes united again.

Women- 1930s female's fought to protect women in the private home and their abilities to work in that home. Women were basically treated the same as they were before the New Deal.