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fit, in good health, sound

تندرستی (tandorosti)

bickering, controversy, debate

بگومگو (begoo magoo)

biased, predisposed, veering

متمایل (motemaayel)

leaning, tendency, trend

گرایش (geraayesh)

appointee, assignee, inductee

گماشته (gomaashte)

destitute, needy, poor

مستضعف (mostaz'af)

devil, foe of god, rebel against god

طاغوت (taaghoot)

florescence, flowering

شکوفایی (shokoofaayi)

expression, idiom, term

اصطلاح (estelaah)

to bequeath, grant, yield

واگذار کردن (vaagozaar kardan)

allotment, portion, share

نصیب (nasib)

beguilement, cheating, trickery

فریب (farib)

cortex, skin, surface

قشر (gheshr)

honorable, high spirited, upright

شرافتمند (sheraafatmand)

club wielder, mace bearer

چماقدار (chomaaghdaar)

lash, scourge, whip

شلاق (shallagh)

desperately, frenetically, hopelessly

مذبوحانه (mazboohaane)

large and small

ریز و درشت (riz o dorosht)

belonging (to), for

معتلق (mo'atallegh)

for the sake of, memory, mind

خاطر (khaater)

the reasoning of Islam

حجت الاسلام (hojjate al-Eslaam)

pages, papers, sheets

اوراق (oraagh)

deficiency, lack, shortage

کسری (kasri)

hilt, grasp, power

قبضه (ghabze)

diligent, striving

مجد (mojjed)

dignity, honor, preeminence

شرافت (sherafat)

to define, determine, specify

مشخص کدرن (moshakhkhas kardan)

cash, cash on hand, liquidity

نقدینگی (naghdinegi)

using government budget shortages

صرف کسری بودجه دولت

ownership, possession

مالکیت (maalekiyyat)

the common people and the select few

عام و خاص (aamm o khaas)

common, popular, widespread

عام (aam)

belonging, connection, ownership

تعلق (ta'aallogh)

at the front of, beforehand, foremost

پیشا پیش (pishaa pish)

against, counter, inimical

مغایر (moghaayer)

club, foundation

بنگاه (bongaah)

criterion, principle, standard

ضابطه ضوابط (zaabete, zavaabet)

to loot, pillage, plunder

غارت کردن (ghaarat kardan)

to be chosen, selected

بر گزیده شدن (bar gozide shodan)

to become dominant over

مسلط شدن بر (mosallat shodan)

New stocks equal to twice the number of stocks on the stock market

دو برابر میزان این سهام که وجود دارد در بازار سهام

fraught, full, overflowing

سرشار (sar shaar)

esteemed, favor, high regard

ارادت (eraadat)

valued, worth

ارجمند (erjmand)

commoners, plebeians

عوام (avaam)

aftermath, conclusion, end

عاقبت عواقب (aaghebat, avaagheb)

promises and commitments

قول و قرار

It is not important whether you agree with this law or not

آهمیتی ندارد که موافق با این نوشته باشد یا نابشد

چون خودش رژیم غیر قانونی است, قانون اساسیش هم غیر قانون است

Because this regime is illegal, it's constitution is also illegal

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