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Walter Sutton

Who developed the chromosome theory of inheritance?


Approximately, when did Mendel and Darwin develop their ideas?


Approximately, when was the structure of DNA first described?

Watson and Crick

What team is credited with building the first model of the DNA molecule?

transgenic organism

one that contains DNA

uses for transgenic organisms

production of human insulin, cleanup of environmental pollution, development of pest resistance crops

discovery of DNA

What unifying theme brought the work of Mendel and Darwin together in the big picture of biology?


What term describes an early kind of biologist who made and recorded observations about organisms in nature?

scientific method

What process do scientists use to answer questions about the world; for example, Redi's experiment with rotting meat?


The work of which scientist was largely ignored during his lifetime?


The work of which scientist caused controversy that still exists today?

natural selection

What process did Darwin's book suggest that organisms evolve through?


What did Walter Fleming identify during cell division?

genetic engineering

What scientific field was created when recombinant DNA was first made in the 1970s?


What term defines questions about what people should do with knowledge in biology that cannot be answered using the scientific method?

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