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Klett Orange Line 2 Unit 2 irregular verbs

Klett Orange Line 2 Unit 2 Irregular verbs

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to write (schreiben)
to write, wrote, written
to read (lesen)
to read, read, read
to come (kommen)
to come, came, come
to go (gehen)
to go, went, gone
to have (haben)
to have, had, had
to buy (kaufen)
to buy, bought, bought
to give (geben)
to give, gave, given
to fall (fallen)
to fall, fell, fallen
to take (nehmen)
to take, took, taken
to eat (essen)
to eat, ate, eaten
to find (finden)
to find, found, found
to throw (werfen)
to throw, threw, thrown
to see (sehen)
to see, saw, seen
to sit (sitzen)
to sit, sat, sat
to leave ((ver-)lassen)
to leave, left, left
to put (legen)
to put, put, put
to run (rennen)
to run, ran, run
to say (sagen)
to say, said, said
to get (holen, erhalten)
to get, got, got
to be (sein)
to be was/were, been