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SAT 核心词汇 21天 第一天

SAT 核心词汇 21天 第一天
v. 降低....的地位(品格),贬低
to lower in rank,prestige(声望),or esteem(尊敬,尊重)
do not abase yourself when you ask for help
cause to be embarrassed(adj. 尴尬的;窘迫的)
Jack felt abshed because he made the same mistake
make less active or intense;(强烈的;紧张的);become less in amount or intensity(强度,亮度)
we must abate the smoke nuisance(公害,损害) in our big cities
shorten;reduce inscope while retaining essential element)
The united states of america is commonly abbreviated to USA
adj. 脱离正道的,变体的,不正常的
deviating from what is normal
He knew his friends wanted something from him because of their aberrent friendly behavior
assist or encourage,usually in some wrong doing
He was abetted in these illegal activities by his friends
n.中止,搁置/the condition of being temporarily set aside;suspension(悬浮)/The negotiation was in abeyance until the technical problems could be resolved
v.憎恨,痛恨/to regard with horror(恐惧,惊骇,极端厌恶) or loathing(厌恶的);abominate(痛恨;憎恶)/we all abhor those who abuse children
adj.卑贱的,不幸的,可怜的/most unfortunate or miserable/Bill has no friends because he is an abject person
v.发誓放弃/to renounce(宣布放弃) under oath(誓言,誓约); to give up/Tomas More's refusal to abjure his Catholic(天主教) beliefs eventually cost his life
n.洗礼,清洗/a washing or cleansing of the body,especially as part of a religious rite(仪式)/Before offering the prayer one must be in good shape and pure condition. It is necessary to wash the body. This performance is called ablution
v.废除,革除/to do away with; annul(vt. 取消;废除;宣告无效)/The prime minister has said she will abolish the rating system
v.痛恨,憎恶/to detest(厌恶;憎恨) thoroughly;abhor/Cinderella(灰姑娘)'s stepsisters abominated her to the extent that they did every thing they could to prevent her from attending the prince's ball(王子的舞会)
adj.原始的,土著的/having existed from the beginning/This is an Australian aboriginal dance festival held at night to celebrate tribal victories or other events
adj.早产的,流产的,失败的/failling to accomplish an intended result/It was an abortive attempt to conclude the negotiations
v.删节,缩短,精简/to reduce the length of a written text/This is the abridged version of the novel. It contains only 200 pages instead of the original 800.
v.废除,取消/to abolish,do away with,or annul,especially by authority/The position was finally abrogated and the authority for decisions split up among several different departments
v.潜逃,逃匿/to leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself/The plan was to abscond with the money and retire drinking margaritas on the beach
v.禁绝,放弃,自我克制/to refrain(节制,克制) from something by one's own choice/Five members voted for the proposal,eight voted against, and two abstained
adj.有节制的,节约的/sparing(节约的) in consumption of especially food/After a particularly wild night,he decided to be more abstemious in the future when it came to alcohol
n.节制,禁欲,戒酒/The act or practice of refraining(节制,克制) from indulging (沉迷)an appetite(n. 食欲;嗜好)/Some health professionals believe that encouraging abstinence while teaching about condoms(避孕套)is a legitimate(合理)and effetive way to reduce the spread of STDS
摘要,提炼,抽象的/considered apart from concrete(混凝土的,实在的,具体的,有形的) existence;not applied(应用的,实用的) or practical(实际的;实用性的);theoretical(adj. 理论的;理论上的)/He prided himself on the fact that his students not only learned names and dates but could also grasp(把握,掌握,理解) more abstract concepts by the end of term.
adj.奥妙的,深奥的/difficult to understand/The teacher's teaching style is abstruse and the students do not like his class
v.邻接,毗邻/be next to; lie adjacent/They were pleased their new property would abut a national park,so no one could build too close to them
n.深渊,无底洞/a bottomless gulf(海湾,深渊) or pit(矿井;深坑;陷阱); any unfathomable (深不可测的;无底的;莫测高深的)cavity (洞,凹处)or chasm(深坑) or void extending below/He has been in the abyss of despair
v.同意;加入/to give one's consent; to became a party to an agreement or treaty/1.Gerald Ford never dreamed that he would accede to the office of President of the United States2.The police recommended the family accede to the ransom(赎金) demands.
adj.可得到的,易接近的/easily approached or entered/The developers knew the plaza(购物中心,广场) had to be interesting ,fun,and accessible for the project to succeed.
adj.附属的;n.附件,同谋/having a secondary,supplementary,or subordinate function;a subordinate or supplementary item/1. He is tom's accesory.2. She asked me to buy her some accessories for her car
n.&v. 喝彩,欢呼,称赞/to praise enthusiastically and often publicly /1.The critical acclaim for her performance made her hopeful for an award nomination.(critical acclaim 高度评价)2.Even other scientists acclaimed his work as the breakthrough that would change the way doctors treated illness.
v.使适应新环境,使服水土,适应/to accustom or become accustomed to a new environment or situation/The rice has been acclimated in this area
n.赞美,推崇/an expression of approval or a special acknowledgment/To be chosen to represent their country is the highest accolade for most athletes
v.容纳,供应,调节/to hold confortable without crowding;to provide for,supply with;to settle,reconcile/1.This dorm could accommodate up to five people.2.The old man was accommodating as he helped us figure out where we were going3.accommodation n.住处 accommoding adj.乐于助人的;随和的
n.共犯,同谋,帮凶/a person who joins with another in carrying out someplan(especially an unethical or illegal plan)/The police arrested him and his two accomplices
v.招呼,搭讪/to approach and speak to in an aggressive,hostile,or sexually suggestive(暗示的;提示的) manner/I had been waitting there for a while, when I was accosted by a stranger.
n.增大,增加,添加物/growth or increase in size by gradual(adj. 逐渐的;平缓的) external addition,fusion(融合),or inclusion/The accretion of popolation is a worldwide problem.
adj.酸的,尖酸刻薄的/sour(酸的) or bitter,as in taste,character,or tone/1.She knew underneath her grandfather's acerbic persona beat the heart of a teddy bear.2.acerbically adv.尖酸刻薄地
adj.多少带酸味的,不悦的/slightly sour in taste or in manner/He gave a acidulous criticism of the movie.
n.音响学,音响效果,声学/the scientific study of sound/The acoustics of the hall are so good that you can hear evething even from the cheapest seats
v.默许,勉强同意/to agree or express agreement/Her parents may not acquiesce in the travel plan
adj.苦味的,辛辣的,尖刻的/unpleasantly sharp,or bitter to the taste or smell/The acrid smell throughout the science wing was a telltale(迹象;指示器;搬弄是非者) sign something had burned in the lab.
n.言谈举止上的刻毒,严厉/a rough and bitter manner/The bride's pareents agreed to set aside their feelings of acrimony in order to keep the wedding day peaceful
n.敏锐,聪明/quickness,accuracy,and keenness(n. 敏锐;锐利) of judgment or insight/Her business acumen has made her very succcessful
adj.敏锐的,激烈的,急性的/extremely sharp or intense/Her mother's hearing was so acute that Martha was usually caught when she tried to sneak out(偷偷溜走) after curfew(n. 宵禁).
n.古话,格言,谚语/a saying that sets forth a general truth (set forth 阐明 ; 陈述 ; 说明 ;)/Many adages currently in use were originally penned by Benjamin Franklin.
adj. 非常坚硬的/impervious(adj. 不受影响的,无动于衷的) to pleas,persuasion,requests/Even though the actress was sick,she was adamant about going on with the performance
v.使适应,改编/to make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation/1.You must adapt to the norms(标准,规范) of the society you lived in2.This novel has been adapted for radio from the french original.
n.沉溺,上瘾/the quality or condition of being addicted/His addiction to drugs propelled(推动;驱使) hime towards a life of crime.
adj.昏乱的,腐坏的;V.使昏乱,使腐坏/to muddle(糊涂;困惑;混浊状态);confuse;spoil/He addled the frail(adj. 脆弱的;虚弱的),old librarian by being rude and indifferent(冷漠的,漠不关心的) to the man's senior position and personal feelings
adj. 熟练的,老练的;n.老手,专家/a skilled person; an expert/Helen is adept in music and her husband is adept I drawing
v.粘附,坚持/to stick fast; to be a devoted (忠诚的,献身的)follower or supporter)/We adhere to the principle that everyone should be treated fairly.
adj.令人钦佩的,令人赞赏的/deserving admiration (值得钦佩)/John's behavior was admirable because he saved a little girl from a traffic accident
v.劝告,训诫,警告/warm strongly;to remind of something forgotten/His wife admonished him not to drive too fast
n.警告,劝告/cautionary advice or warning/The dean let the vandal(文化艺术的破坏者;蓄意破坏者) go with detention(n. 拘留); and an admonition not to do it again or he would be expelled.
adj.熟练的,灵巧的,机敏的/quick or skillful or adept in action or thought/She became adroit at dealing with difficult questions.
v.谄媚,奉承,拍马屁,过分称赞/to praise or admire excessively/Some movie stars are very accustomed to the adulation of their fans
v.使...品质变劣,掺杂/to make impure by adding extraneous(adj. 外来的) ,improper,or inferior((质量等)差的,次的;低劣的) ingredients(成分)/Her father could never understand why she choose to adulterate her coffee by adding cream and sugar
v.画轮廓,(对将来事件)预示/to give a sketchy(写生的;概略的) outline of; foreshadow(预示;成为...的前兆)/The recent development adumbrate a world-wide revolution in computer technology.
n.出现,到来/The coming or arrive/Since the advent of atomic power,there have been great changes in industry
n.敌人,对手/an opponent;an enemy/History teachers us that even adversaries can come to respect each other on the battlefield
n.不幸,灾祸,逆境/a state of hardship or affliction(n. 苦难;苦恼;折磨);misfortune(n. 不幸;灾祸,灾难)/She considered herself lucky to have had a relatively easy childhood instead of one filled with adversity and hardship
v.主张,提倡/to speak,plead,or argue in favor of(辩护)/1.He advocatersreducing military spending2.As a mother ,she knew she must act as an advocate for all children,not just her own
adj.美学的,有美感的/of the appreciation of beauty or good taste/The chair may be aesthetic but it's not very comfortable
adj.和蔼可亲的,友善的,殷勤的/easy and pleasant to speak to;gentle/His affable nature meant he made fiends all over campus even though he was only a freshman
adj.受到影响的,受疾病侵袭的,假装的/acted upon,influenced,or changed/Her mood was badly affected because or quarrel with her husband.
n.加入,联盟,友好关系/the act of becoming formally connected or joined/Participation in social groups in the community is independent of religious affiliation,and one's cycle of friends will include people of a variety of denominations
n.姻亲,密切关系,吸引力/a natural attraction or feeling of kinship(亲属关系,亲情)/There is an affinity between Chinese and Japanese characters
n.肯定,断言,主张/the act of affirming or the state of being affirmed/The researcher made an affirmation that the globe temperature will rise in the future
n.痛苦,苦恼,苦难/a state of great suffering and distress(痛苦、悲痛,悲伤;忧虑,忧愁) due to adversity/I have great sympathy for people in affliction
v.侮辱/to insult intentionally(adv. 故意地,有意地) ,especially openly/His speech was an affront to all members of the community
n.(不幸事件的)后果,余波,灾后时期/a consequence,especially of a disaster or misfortune/There was usually a famine(饥荒) as an aftermath of drought.
n.议事日程 /a list of program of things to be done or considered /This agenda will from the basis of our next meeting.
n.代理人 ,代理商 ,特工人员 /one empowered(adj. 获得授权的;允许的) to act for or represent another/1.The agent spoke on behalf of his principal(本金 ; 被代理人 ; 校长 ; 委托人).2.FBI is on the look out for the agent these days.
v.使....恶化,使....更严重/to make worse or more troublesome/The lack of rain aggravated the already serious shortage of food
v.聚集,集合;n.合计;adj.集合的/amounting to a whole;total/1.The television audience aggregated 30 million.2.Individual,the team members were a motley(adj. 杂色的;混杂的;五颜六色的) crew of different personalities and temperaments,but taken in aggregate,they were talented(有才能的,有本领的) and effective.
adj.敏捷的,灵活的,轻快的/characterized by quickness,and ease of movement/She learned quickly that being agile was her most important asset when baby-sitting(照顾婴孩) the rambunctious(adj. 难控制的;喧闹的;粗暴的;骚乱的) child.
n.敏捷,灵活,轻快/the state or quality of being agile;nimbleness(敏捷)/Athletes are skilled in feats(特技) of balance and agility in gymnastics(体操).
v.使...摇动,骚动/to cause to move with violence;to upset;disturb/when he was asked about his criminal past,he became quite agitated.
adj.兴奋的,热切的/full of keen(热心的,热衷的, 很感兴趣的;渴望的) anticipation or excitement;eager/The family are all agog to know the news about the World Cup
n.炼金术,魔力/a pseudoscientific(伪科学) forerunner(先驱) of chemistry in medieval times(中世纪); the way two individuals relate to each other/The pratice of alchemy seems foolish today but it was once considered a legitimate science
n.凹室 ,壁橱 /a small recess(凹处) opening off a larger room/The bed fits neatly into the alcove
v.使疏远,离间/to cause to become unfriendly or hostile;isolate or dissociate(分离;分裂) emotionally /The Prime Minister 's police alienated many of his followers
adj.食物的,营业的/concerned with food ,nutrition,or digestion(n. 消化;领悟)/Fast food provides little nourishment,but fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your alimentary health.
n.(离婚后丈夫给妻子的)赡养费/court-ordered support paid by one spouse to another after they are separated/After divorce,she lived on alimony for the rest of her life
v.减轻,减少,使....镇静,使....缓和/Lessen the intensity of or calm/the doctor said the pills will allay back pains.
v.断言,宣称/to assert to be true;affirm;report or maintain/The police alleged that the man was murdered but they had given no proof
n.寓言,讽喻,寓意/a short moral(n. 道德;寓意) story /The blindfolded(adj. 被蒙上眼睛的) figure(数字;人物;图形;价格;画像) with scales(天平) is an allegory of justice
v.使(痛苦等)易于忍受,减轻/to make pain more bearable /He took yoga classes in order to alleviate stress and improve his overall physical as well as mental health.
v.分配,分派,分配额/distribute according to a plan;allot(vt. 分配;拨给;分派)/The restaurant has six parking spaces allocated in the public car park next door.
n.合金/a mixture containing two or more metallic elements;the state of impairing(vt. 损害;削弱;减少) the quality or reducing the value of something/Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
v.&n. 吸引,诱惑/to attract with something desirable /In her early years,Katharine Hepburn was considered an alluring star.
n.提及,暗示/the act of alluding;indirect reference/The teacher criticized the students who cheated during the exam by allusion.
adv.在高处,在空中/upward;high up in or into the air/As it was getting late,the children were quickly sent aloft to bed.
adj.孤零的,冷淡的;adv.远离,避开/distant physically or emotionally /Most people though he was stuck-up(adj. 高傲的;自大的) and allof when really he was just very shy;
adj.利他的,无私心的/showing unselfish(adj. 无私的,慷慨的) concern for the welfare(n. 福利;幸福) of others/The family refused to take their altruistic donations off their taxes because they felt it would demean(贬低...的身分) the gift.
v.收集,积聚(尤指财富)/to gather together for oneself, as for one's pleaasure or profit/1. The people amassed for the parade.2.He is planning to amass a fortune for a rainy day.
adj.双手都灵巧的,怀有二心的/equally skillful with each hand/Although I can write my name with my left hand,I am in no way ambidextrous.
n.周围环境,气氛/the atmosphere of an environment/we've tried to create the ambience of an italian coffee
adj.模拟两可的,暖味的,不明确的/doubtful or uncertain/The rules on how to handle on abusive client were ambiguous so the staff members often had to use their own judgement and hope for best
adj.矛盾的,有矛盾看法的或矛盾感情的/uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow/She feels ambivalent about the weekend in beijing .she want to go ,but she also want to stay home.
to walk slowly or leisurely
Every evening ,the couple amble along the bank.