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EX. 12,14,15,16,19.

Macroscopic and microscopic appearence of mold

Macroscopic- Moist fungal hyphal filaments intertwined in to a mass of fuzzy or hairy, colorful colonies.
Microscopic-multicellular filaments called hyphae

Macroscopic and microscopic appearence of yest

Macroscopic- Colonial appeareance is usually moist, creamy and white in color although a few yeast can produce pigment.
Microscopic- Yeast are round to oval in shape and usually 5-10X larger that bacteric

Common sporulation patterns

...vegetative and aerial hyphae

Identify mold based on its macroscopic and microscopic sporulation characteristics

...sporangiospore and conidiospore


Viruses that infect bacteria


when burst open their bacterial host


bacteria area of clearing

purpose for making dilutions of the T-4 virus

In order to calculate the number of phages in a sample

calculate the titer of phage given the number of plaques and the dilution of the plate.

Plaque count X Dilution factor X Sample amount= PFU's/ml of sample
230 X 10^-6 X 10^-1= 2.3 X 10^9

Staphylococcus catalase test

Immediate appearence of bubbles indicates the organism can produce catalase.

streptococcus catalase test

No bubbles, organism does not produce catalase

Principle & state the reagent/media uses in catalase test

...Hydrogen proxide introduced to bacterial smear produces an immediate appearence of bubbles indicates the organism can produce catalase.

Principle & state the reagent/media uses in coagulase test

rabbit plasma is mixed with bacteria. Obvious clumping of bacteria indicates that organism produces bound coagulase

Differentiate the 2 species of staphylococcus by coagulase test and reaction to Mannitol Salt agar

S.aureus- ++
S. epidermidis- --

How is Mannitol salt agar both selective and differential media


Determine the species of micrococcus by pigmentation

M.roseus- rose pigmented
M. luteus-yellow pigmented

Determine the species of micrococcus by nitrate test results

M.roseus- Positive
M. luteus- Negative

recognize different types of hemolysis of organisms growing on blood agar

Alpha- Partial, green, old bruse
Beta- Complete, clear,transparent all the way through
Gamma- no hemolysis, surface growth

why is streak-stab method used for blood agar inoculations

to enhance the appearance of hemolysis

state the atmosphere used to grow streptococcus

Candle jar for microaerophilic environment at 30 degrees C

Identify the Alpha Streptococcus given the appropriate biochemical test


Identify the Beta Streptococcus given the appropriate biochemical test


Differentiate the Enterococcus from other alpha hemolytic streptococcus

Positive bile esculin hydrolysis

How does CNA agar aid in the identification of bacteria in a mixed unknown

Colistin and naladixic acid are two antibiotics that supress the growth of gram-negative organisms, there for selective for gram-positive organsims. differential by hemolyzing red blood cells

How does MAC agar aid in the identification of bacteria in a mixed unknown

selective for gram-negative organisms since gram-positive oragnisms are unable to tolerate the dyes and the bile salts that are in the media. It is differential because of the lactose in it.

Differentiate bacteria that grow on MAC plate by their ability to ferment lactose

Positive pink indicator lactose fermenter- Staphylococcus
Negative- collorless or yellow- Micrococcus

Identify gram negative rod by flow chart (dichotomous key) & biochemical test reactions


Construct a flow chart by biochemical reactions someone could follow to identify bacteria


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