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Kent State Massacre

1970 4 students shot and killed by national guard after protesting against Nixon decision to sent troops into Cambodia and Laos during Vietnam War. Inspired the Song "Ohio" by Niel Young

Woodstock 1969

symbolized all that was right and good about the hippie movement. "3 days of peace and music"


attendance at Woodstock


outlawed in 1966

Tim Leary University

Castalia Institute in Millbrook, NY

Civil Rights Movement

catalyst #1 for social protest

3 peaceful groups


3 non-peaceful groups

Black panthers, Nation of Islam, Black Nationalist Movement


Congress of Racial Equality

Eldridge Cleaver

Soul on Ice

Stokely Carmichael

Black Power

Malcom X

Organization of Afro-American Unity

Vietnam War

Catalyst #2 for Social Protest

Joseph Heller

Catch 22- best embodied the anti-war sentiments of the Counter Culture


become more active because of Vietnam 1968


500k troops in Vietnam

Rock music

most important medium for defining the hippie ideas

Bob Dylan

not apart of the psychedelic bandwagon, wrote politically charged songs

First psychedelic Bands

Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin

Bettie Frieden

The Feminine Mystique-broke 1950s womens stereo-types, first president of NOW


national organization for women

Social Changes

Race equality, widespread use of illicit drugs


swirling colors and imagery

Flower Power

creativeness of the youths of the new generation

4 radical groups

Black Panthers, Students for a Democratic Society, Weathermen, Yippies

Black Panthers

founded in 1966 in Oakland by Huey Newton


at the end became more concerned with ending US involvement in the Vietnam War


splintered from SDS believed in violent acts of terror to achieve goals


Youth International Party, used media attention to promote their causes, most successful at the 1968 Democratic Convention

Yippies Leaders

Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman

John Roberts Joel Roseman

financed Woodstock


comes from black hipsters that used to call white hipsters hippies. negative connotation

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