remember to use roman numerals
Article I, Section 8
gives congress the power to: build postal roads, declare war, regulate commerce, borrow money, coin money, spend money, make naturalization (citizenship) laws, punish counterfeiters, fix standards of weights and measures, punish piracies on high seas, copyright and patent laws, make rules for army and navy, create courts inferior to the supreme court, and appoint officers in militia
Amendment VI
right to trial by jury
Amendment I
Right to free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly
Article V
Constitutional convention outlined
Article I, Section 9
Gives congress the right to Habeus Corpus, and the right against ex post facto law
Article I, Section 7
Gives congress the right to impose taxes
Amendment IV
right to freedom from warrant-less searches
Article I, Section 2
gives congress the right to impeachment
Article I, Section 3
Gives congress the right to try cases of impeachment
Article IV, Section 4
Guarantees states a republican government
Article II, Section 1
Gives president the power to command militia when in federal service
Amendment X
gives unenumerated powers reserved to states or people (natural law)
Amendment VIII
Right against cruel and unusual punishments
Article III, Section 2
Gives Supreme court the right to decide lawsuits in common law
Article II, Section 2
Gives president the right to appoint judges and pardon criminals, as well as write/ratify treaties with other nations
Amendment XIII
abolishes slavery