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  1. Allitertion
  2. Benvolio
  3. Shakespeare Sonnet
  4. Simile
  5. Metaphor
  1. a a comparison using like or as
  2. b long poem
  3. c Romeos cousin
  4. d the repetition of the beginging sounds of stressed syllables in neighboring words or at short intervals within a line or passage
  5. e a direct comparison between 2 things (usally diffrent/unalike)

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  1. romeos father
  2. Juliets Mother
  3. dills aunt
  4. the relatively close juxtaposition of the same or similar vowel sounds but with a different end
  5. tells the 2 familys that if they fight again he will kill them, bands romeo

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  1. The Nursepoetry that does not contain a regular pattern of rhyme and meter


  2. Friar Laurencethe finchs (slave) mother like figure to jem and scout


  3. Tim Johnsondog with rabies


  4. Rhymeecho effect produced when a writer repeats the same sounds at the ends


  5. Romeoprotagonist -in love with juliet- dies