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  1. Lady Capulet
  2. Rosaline
  3. Allitertion
  4. Simile
  5. Couplet
  1. a Juliets Mother
  2. b romeos x-love
  3. c a ryhmed pair
  4. d the repetition of the beginging sounds of stressed syllables in neighboring words or at short intervals within a line or passage
  5. e a comparison using like or as

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  1. scout and jems dad
  2. an exageration
  3. Romeos cousin
  4. Mayellas dad, the person who was trying to kill jem and scout
  5. the mysterious neighbor, who saved jem and scout from bob ewell

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  1. The Princetells the 2 familys that if they fight again he will kill them, bands romeo


  2. Lord CapuletJuliets Father


  3. Helen Robinsontoms wife


  4. Romeoecho effect produced when a writer repeats the same sounds at the ends


  5. Lady Montagueromeos father