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  1. Mayella Ewell
  2. Couplet
  3. Mr. Underwoood
  4. Figurative Language
  5. Lord Capulet
  1. a the women who acused tom
  2. b a ryhmed pair
  3. c the newspaper author
  4. d language which means somthing different than what is literally stated
  5. e Juliets Father

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  1. long poem
  2. there rude old neighbor
  3. tells the 2 familys that if they fight again he will kill them, bands romeo
  4. romeos father
  5. Poetry written without rhymes but which retains a set metrical partter usually iambic pantameter

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  1. Iambic Pantametereach line has 10 syllables that are stressed


  2. Consonancethe relatively close juxtaposition of the same or similar vowel sounds but with a different end


  3. Lady CapuletJuliets Mother


  4. The Nursejuliets mother like figure


  5. Dilljem and scouts bestfriend who visits in the summer


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