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  1. Dolphus Raymond
  2. tybalt
  3. Romeo
  4. Helen Robinson
  5. Tom Robinson
  1. a protagonist -in love with juliet- dies
  2. b the town drunnk who married a black women
  3. c black man who got acused for rape
  4. d toms wife
  5. e Juliets cousin, great fighter- dies

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  1. a ryhmed pair
  2. dog with rabies
  3. dills aunt
  4. a direct comparison between 2 things (usally diffrent/unalike)
  5. language which means somthing different than what is literally stated

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  1. Shakespeare Sonnetlong poem


  2. Mrs. Dubosepoetry that does not contain a regular pattern of rhyme and meter


  3. Consonancethe close repetition of the same constants of stressed syllables with differing vowels


  4. Lord CapuletJuliets Father


  5. Mercutioromeos cousin-dies