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  1. Hyperbole
  2. Tim Johnson
  3. Mayella Ewell
  4. Figurative Language
  5. Dill
  1. a jem and scouts bestfriend who visits in the summer
  2. b an exageration
  3. c dog with rabies
  4. d language which means somthing different than what is literally stated
  5. e the women who acused tom

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  1. scout and jems dad
  2. combining 2 opposite words together
  3. long poem
  4. romeos x-love
  5. a direct comparison between 2 things (usally diffrent/unalike)

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  1. Mercutioromeos cousin-dies


  2. Boo RadleyMayellas dad, the person who was trying to kill jem and scout


  3. Rhymeprotagonist -in love with juliet- dies


  4. Iambic Pantameterromeos mother- dies, due to anxiety from the banishment of her son


  5. Stanzaa comparison using like or as