30 terms

Emmy's fistory final

Orders in Council
When the British said that the U.S. and France can no longer trade with each other.
Imperial Decrees
When the French said that the U.S. and Britain can no longer trade with each other.
War Hawks
A group of people who supported the war of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
Ended the war of 1812
Tensions between various sections of the country. N - industrialize the south S- no, yes to slavery N - no slaver
Eli Whitney
Created the cotton gin
American System
A plan to mold the American economy. Created by Henry Clay. 1. Create a national bank 2. support American industries;tariffs 3. internal improvements
A battle for Texas
Rush-Bagot Agreement
They took away army ships from the Great Lakes (U.S. and Britain)
Convention of 1818
Set boundaries for Oregon
Monroe Doctrine
Existing colonies in North American are okay, but further attempt at colonization would be viewed as aggression towards the U.S.
Corrupt Bargain
No one won the amount needed in the electoral college to become president, so Henry Clay, who was speaker of the house, election John Quincy Adams, despite that Jackson won the popular vote.
Spoils System
A system coined by Jackson's opponents, saying that they will award people who supported Jackson, and helped him during his campaign.
Indian Removal Act
created by Jackson
Force Bill
This forced states to except tariffs, and said that if they didn't the president could use military force.
Immigrants adapting to the U.S. culture
Treaty of Fort Laramie
Treaty between the U.S., the Sioux and the Lakota, saying that settlers would stop moving on to the land that the U.S. guaranteed them, which was in Wyoming.
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
Decided the borders between Maine and New Brunswick
San Jacinto
The place where the Treaty of Velasco was signed
Treaty of Velasco
Stared negotiations for Texas's independence
Gadsden Purchase
The U.S. bought the lower part of New Mexico and Arizona
Sutter's Mill
where gold was discovered in 1848
Wilmot Proviso
Bill that would ban slavery in the territories acquired after the War with Mexico
Fugitive Slave Act
a law that made it a crime to help runaway slaves; allowed for the arrest of escaped slaves in areas where slavery was illegal and required their return to slaveholders
Personal Liberty Laws
Laws passed by Northern states forbidding the imprisonment of escaped slaves
Popular Sovereignty
The idea that slavery can only exist if the local people support it and that states should be able to decide if they want slavery or not.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Stated that the Kansas and Nebraska territories would be left to popular sovereignty. This led to bleeding Kansas.
Lecompton Constitution
A pro-slavery constitution put in place in Kansas and it was created because pro-slavery people from other states started flooding into Kansas and saying that they lived there, so they could vote for slavery. This was bleeding Kansas and led to Harper's Ferry.
Harper's Ferry
John Brown raided it and ended up killing around 7 people
John Brown
raided Harper's Ferry and ended up killing around 7 people, and was later hanged for his actions