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Patrol/ Consular Notification


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Which of the following best describes the importance of patrol?
Protection through crime prevention and service to the community of which each peace officer is a part
Which of the following is not an objective of patrol?
Using unmarked units for general patrol
Which of the following items are elements of shift orientation?
Duty assignment, Updating current stolen vehicles list, Information relative to special events, Circumstances relative to hazardous situations
(all of the above)
Which of the following elements is not one of the beat characteristics that you should know early in an assignment?
Number of traffic violations committed in area
Which of the following is the best reason that you should have an intimate knowledge of your assigned area such as the location of streets, businesses, schools, hospitals, main arterial streets, dead-ends, overpasses, back roads, one-way streets, and alley-ways?
To increase probability of on-site arrest and officer safety
To increase probability of arrest when warranted, you become familiar with known offenders by learning about their.....
Nicknames, Habits, Types of crime, Vehicles
(all of the above)
Which of the following is considered cover?
Dirt Embankment
Placing yourself, others, or your patrol unit in a position so as to provide a suspect with a definite, identifiable target is the definition of.....
Which of the following best describes the three major groups of hazards you must constantly guard against for safety reasons?
Telltale noises, silhouetting, and suspect's hands
Telltale noises can be generated by......
Vehicle engine and door slamming shut, Radio volume, Safety if you pop buckle, Equipment such as keys, whistles, baton, and handcuffs (all of the above)
Silhouetting provides suspect(s) with knowledge of officers'......
numbers, firepower, and approach
In using a flashlight to avoid silhouetting, hold the light.....
Well in front and away from your body
Which of the following actions is not a safe technique in a potentially dangerous situation?
Stand in doorways and hallways or peer openly through broken or otherwise open windows to locate a suspect
________ provide a clear view between buildings on both side of street as well as oncoming traffic?
Lanes nearest the center of the roadway
Which lane of the roadway at decreased speed allows a better view of street-front windows, sides of buildings, and potential hiding places?
Lane nearest the curb
A skilled observer can.....
take in everything around a given situation and then sort out the relevant from the irrelevant
When one officer is dealing with two or more people, he or she should avoid.....
being surrounded by people being interviewed
When two officers are dealing with two people, the second or guard officer.....
assumes a position that allows maximum visibility of the people and communicates any threat or hazard to the primary officer
Probable negative consequence of ineffective public service results in.....
increased citizen complaints
A proactive anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk and the action needed to remove or reduce that risk is the definition of....
Crime Prevention
Which of the following would most likely be responsible for livestock running loose on the highway?
County Sheriff Officers
The maintenance of social order within carefully prescribed ethical and constitutional restrictions is the definition of......
The Police Mission
Of the eight specific patrol objectives mentioned, only one of the following incorporates all the elements of the police mission. Identify the correct and total patrol objective.
To preserve the peace through police service and protection
Of the five general categories of patrol preparation, which of the following is correct?
Plan for individual patrol procedures
Which of the following is the easiest to make ready for patrol duty?
review the physical equipment that will be needed for the performance of the tour of duty
Which of the following is the most difficult to prepare for daily patrol duty?
Creating a constantly healthy, positive psychological state of mind
Police hazards are represented by four categories. Which of the following lists of hazards is correct?
Property, persons, situations, and places
Size of area, familiarity with the area, type of complaint, and availability of officers all combine to affect which of the following factors?
Response time