Gov 2

In order for Texas to regain full statehood, it had to extend voting rights to
African American males.
How were women given the right to vote?
By the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment
What method of nomination did the Texas Democratic Party use prior to the adoption of the primary system?
Party Caucus
Which of the following Supreme Court cases struck down the state-imposed White Primary in Texas?
Grovey v. Townsend
The practice of charging a fee in order to let a person register to vote is called
poll tax.
The Voting Rights Act of 1965
sought to protect minorities in the registration and voting process.
All of these contributed to low voter turnout in Texas except
Black Primary
Which of the following is not a requirement for voting in Texas?
A resident of his/her county six months prior to an election
The "motor voter" law
Allows a person to register to vote when applying for a driver's license without even filling out a form.
Which statement is not true about the election of 2006 in Texas?
White voters accounted for 75% of voters.
What percentage of eligible Texas voters cast ballots in the 2008 presidential election?
All of these contribute to low voter turnout in Texas except:
Election Day Registration
Which of the following reforms enacted in Texas has increased turnout?
Casting ballot using Internet
Which of the following statements is not correct?
. During early voting, a voter must go to her/his already designated polling place to vote.
The election that determines a political party's nominees is a
primary election.
To win a primary election, a nominee must receive
50% plus one vote.
Minor parties select candidates by use of
General Elections
determine who will be nominated for an elected office.
According to the textbook, which Minor Party in Texas has a permanent spot on the ballot in the general election?
Libertarian Party
To be the winner of the general election, a candidate must have
a plurality vote.
Which party is currently the beneficiary of straight-ticket voting?
Republican Party
The filling of legislative vacancies is done in
Special elections
The cost for a closely contested race for the Texas Senate could run
between one million to two million dollars.
Many analysts believe that one reason why George W. Bush defeated Ann Richards in 1994 was
His use of positive campaign style.??
1. In 1964, the Twenty-fourth Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution to ban poll tax in state elections.
2. In Texas, convicted felons are not allowed to vote until five years after their sentences, including probation and parole, are completed.
3. The greatest single factor in determining voter turnout is level of education.
4. Low voter turnout among minority voters is due to their disadvantaged socioeconomic status.
5. Texas law discourages voter registration because jury duty summons lists are compiled from voter registration rolls.
6. Texas law requires voters to have a picture ID before casting a ballot.
False (however that changed and is now required)
7. Unless a third party candidate received at least 20 percent of the vote in the last governor's race, a third party is entitled to select its candidates through its state convention.
8. The winning party in the governor's race is listed second on the ballot in elections for the following four years.
False- First
9. Campaigning in Texas has become based on electronic media, targeted mass mailings, and the Internet.
10. Texas campaign contribution laws are lax.
All of these are the differences between a political party and interest group except
. A political party addresses a narrower array of issues than an interest group
. A party united by a single principle or a narrowly defined set of principles is said to be a/an
ideological political party.
The Libertarian Party is an example of
b. coalitional party.
What is the requirement to attend a precinct convention?
Must vote in general election.
. The number of delegates a precinct receives to the next higher party convention is based on
The number of votes the party's candidate received in the last governor's race
. Which statement is not true about county/district conventions?
Counties that lie completely within a state senate district hold county conventions.
Each political party selects delegates to the party's nominating presidential convention and a list of potential
presidential electors during that party's:
Precinct Convention.
8. Membership of the county executive committee is composed of
All elected office holders of the county.
The requirement of membership divided equally between men and women is for
. State executive committees
. The Texas Democratic Party was established in
The first factions to emerge among the Texas Democrats after Reconstruction were
the Redeemers
. In 1944, Conservative Democrats broke from the party and became known as the
Texas Regulars
. The "Democrats of Texas" group was formed to back the candidacy of
Ralph Yarborough.
Those who traditionally supported the Democratic Party in Texas include all but
white collar workers.
The foundation for growth of the Republican Party in Texas was laid by
Bill Clements in 1978.
. Who, in 1978, was the first Republican governor to be elected in Texas since Reconstruction?
George Bush
A victim of education policy, "no pass, no play", the governor who was defeated by a Republican in 1986 was
William Clements.
Which election made Texas a two-party state?
d. 1988
. The Republican Party took control of the Texas Supreme Court for the first time since Reconstruction in
The elected institution that the Republicans captured with majority Republicans in 1996 was
the Texas Supreme Court.
. The Texas Republicans got control of the House of Texas Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction in
Which of the following statement is not true?
b. The Democrats almost recaptured the Senate of Texas Legislature in 2008.
. All of these are factions within the Republican Party in Texas except
libertarian conservatives
The key to Republican success is
pacifying its liberal wing??
. The Texas Democratic Party faces the problem of being perceived as
. socialist.
The precinct convention is held on the evening of the general election
Resolutions are statements that express the party's stance on an issue
State party platforms are finalized at the county convention.
The Texas Election Code lists the responsibilities of precinct chairs.
The state party chair is elected at the party's state convention
False ?
Democrats held the majority of elected offices during Reconstruction
By the mid-1930s, liberals and conservatives began a decade-long struggle for control of the Democratic
Participation in the Democratic Party primary election in March of 2008 broke all records for voter turnout in
Texas law prohibits a person from running for two offices at the same time unless one is U.S. senator and the
other is president or vice president of the United States.
. Turnout is the key to future Democratic Party success in Texas.
nonpartisan denotes an election, event, organization or person in which there is no formally declared association with a political party affiliation.