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changeable, unstable, volatile

متغیر (motaghayyer)

congruent, equal, identical

معادل (mo'aadel)

degree, equilibrium, quantity

میزان (mizaan)

more than, over

بالغ بر (baalegh bar)

difference, dissimilarity, diversity

تفاوت (tafaavot)

kind, number, written by

رقم (raqm)

collecting, compiling, gathering

جمع آوری (jam'aavari)

to be nought

صفر بودن (sefr boodan)

compensation, recompense, repayment

جبران (jobraan)

appraisal, assessment, evaluation

ارزیابی (arz yaabi)

to guess, suppose, theorize

فرض گرفتن (farz gereftan)

(باید), have to, must

بایستی (baayesti)

effectively, in practice, indeed

عملاً (amalan)

crisis, predicament, plight

بحران (bohraan)

against someone, contrary

رغم (raghm)

to become equal, come up against, face

برا بر شدن (bar aa bar shodan)

to decline, drop, fail

افت کردن (oft kardan)

affected, impressed, irritated

متاثر (mote'asser)

circumstances, qualifications, requirements

شرایت (sharaayet)

dominant, magistrate, prevailing

حاکم (haakem)

changes, evolution, transformations

تحولات (tahavvolaat)

range and scope

دامنه و دایره

affiliation, bond, relationship

وابستگی (vaabastegi)

high and low

فراز و نشیب

to endow, hand down, leave behind

باقی گذاشتن (baaghi gozaashtan)

to be left, remain, survive

باقی ماندن (baaghi maandan)

jump, leap, skip

خیز (khiz)

course, direction, line

راستا (raastaa)

mostly, primarily, overwhelmingly

عمدتاً (omdatan)

consumer goods

کالا های مصرفی (kaalaa haaye masrafi)

consecutively, successively

پی در پی

card, price list, tariff

تعرفه (ta'refe)

to offer, present, show

ارائه کردن (eraa'e kardan)

challenge, defiance, struggle

چالش (chaalesh)

constant, permanent, stable

پایدار (paidaar)

immediacy, urgency

فوریت (foriyyat)

application, demand, request

تقاضا (taghaazaa)

store of value

ذخیره ارزی (zakhire ye arzi)

chronic, persistent

مزمن (mozmen)

expansion, spread, widening

توسعه (tose'e)

observation, perception, watching

مشاهده (moshaahede)

industry, industries

صنایع (sanaaye')

burdensome, difficult, tough

دشوار (doshvaar)

to assume, conceive, imagine

تصور کردن (tasavvor kardan)

continuation, extention, sequel

ادامه (edaame)

to continue, follow, go on

ادامه پیدا کردن (edaame peydaa kardan)

ban, boycott, embargo

تحریم (tahrim)

extreme, maximum, uttermost

نهایت (nahaayat)

essence, institution

نهاد (nahaad)

coterie, circle, meeting

محفل محافل (mahfel, mahaafel)

breaking the circle

پاره ی محافل

despite, in spite of

علی رغم (ali raghm)

to influence, sadden, touch

متاثر کردن (mote'asser kardan)

amplitude, range, slope

دامنه (daamane)

bureau, circle, scope

دایره (daayere)

elevation, phrase, slope

فراز (faraaz)

incline, low, lowland

نشیب (nashib)

the institution of marriage

نهاد زناشویی (nahaade zanaashooi)

the stability of democracy depends on the strength of social and political institutions

پا بر جایی دمکراسی منوط است به استحکام نهاد های اجتماعی و سیاسی

contingent upon, reliant, subject to

منوط (manoot)

to become suited, the right size

اندازه شدن (andaaze shodan)

earnings, prelude, return

درآمد (dar aamad)

to exit, rise, sprout

درآمدن (dar aamadan)

to find a job, get employed

کار گرفتن (kaar gereftan)

to entail

در پی داشتن (dar pey dashtan)

This plan will entail great expense

این طرح هزینه‌ی زیادی در پی خواهد داشت

erection, establishment, foundation

برپایی (bar paayi)

average, mean

میانگین (miyaangin)

established, firm, immobile

پا بر جا (paa bar jaa)

to denote, indicate

دال بر چیزی بودن (daal bar chizi budan)

proving, showing, symbol

دال (daal)

in the not so distant future

در آینده نه چندان دور

to become blunt or dull, decelerate, slow

کند شدن (kond shodan)

course, process, trend

روند (ravand)

anyways, nonetheless

به هر حال (be har haal)

example, quotation, proof

شاهد (shaahed)

Despite the fact that the price of oil has quadrupled

علی رغم چهار برابر شدن قیمت نفت

Its price is at its peak

قیمتش در بالاترین حد خودش قرار دارد

including Iran

از جمله ایران

enormous profits

درآمد بسیار سنگینی

to create

به وجود آوردن

We are witnessing major transformations in those oil exporting countries

ما شاهد تحولات بسیار اساسی در کشورهای صادرکنندۀ نفت هستیم

What is the size of the range and scope ...

دامنه و دایره چه اندازه باشه

fluctuations in the rate

فراز و نشیب بها

by and large

در راستای (dar raastaayi)

In Iran its the opposite

در ایران به عکس آن هست

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