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HNDS Chapter 8


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T/F A trade dress applies to the visual appearance of a product or its packaging.
A(n) ________ chip converts sound waves from a voice into a digital signal.
analog-to-digital converter
T/F DRM-free music can legally be moved from system to system.
How long do current U.S. laws grant copyright protection?
The life of the author plus 70 years.
T/F When converting analog waves to a series of numerical values, the higher the sampling rate, the more accurately the original wave can be recreated.
When does copyright protection begin?
When a work is created and fixed into a digital or physical form.
Works without copyright protection are considered to be in the ________.
Public domain
The term ________ refers to the use of a single unifying device that handles media, Internet, entertainment, and telephone needs.
Digital convergence
What is a popular copyleft license used for software?
General Public License (GNU)
Which of the following describes the number of times an analog wave is measured each second during an analog-to-digital conversion?
Sampling rate
number of data points used to capture an image
Data encoded as zeros and ones
Continuous sound or light waves
Electronic sensor used in digital cameras
Analog photos
35 mm
Sold by Barnes and Noble
Sold by amazon
Textual information captured digitally
Device that displays e-text
E reader
Sharp gray-scale representation of text
e ink
T/F The actual music CD is an example of intellectual property.
What is a good rule to follow to avoid plagiarism?
When in doubt, cite your source
What does the Digital Living Network Alliance standardize?
The convergence of devices
Which of the following is NOT true about e-books?
They are always PDF file format
Which of the following is NOT a video file extension?
T/F DRM-free music can legally be moved from system to system.
What happens after 180 days to e-books rented through VitalSource?
They disappear from your device
granting of certain rights to a work while retaining other rights
Allows mcdonalds to protect its logo
allows people to use portions of a copyrighted work for specific purposes
fair use
allows only limited use of legally purchased materials
digital rights management
T/F Pictures you find on the Google image search are considered in the public domain.
T/F The conversion rate is the number of times per second that the analog signal is measured and converted into a digital value.
Which of the following digital image formats compresses the image file?
Google ________ is an online store that can be used for self-publishing books.
What is a system of access control that allows only limited use of material that has been legally purchased?
Which is NOT a reason someone might risk violating a copyright?
it is hard to prove copyright in court.