15 terms

travel(s) journey trip excursion tour voyage flight

Our fellow-travellers on the train
were charming people,
so we had a pleasant trip (or)
a pleasant journey
Mrs Fox works for a travel agency.
She has two tours to conduct today.
He is going on a voyage to Australia
by oil-tanker.
They are planning to go
on a holiday tour to Venice.
While the train was moving off slowly,
some people from the platform
waved to their friends
and wished them a good trip (or)
a good journey.
They say that a flight by Concorde
is something you can't easily forget.
We are going on an excursion
to Mount Fulvio next Sunday.
Will you join us?
If you want to spend a holiday
without worrying about hotel bookings,
railway time-tables, etc.
go on a package tour.
He is an old sea-captain
and likes telling about his voyages
He travelled far and wide
as a newspaper correspondent
and wrote a great number
of interesting articles on his travels.
The trip (or) journey
from Oxford to Cambridge
takes about two hours by train.
He views his life as
a spiritual journey
towards greater understanding
of his faith.
I thought we might hire a motorboat
and take a trip around the bay.
He was a young sailor
on his first sea voyage.
Do you want to go
on the school trip to Spain
this year?