Wordlist 3


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To evaluate
To judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount, or value of something
An official request for something, usually in writing
To apply
To request something, usually officially, especially in writing or by sending in a form
To undertake
To do or begin to do something, especially something that will take a long time or be difficult
Research findings
The results of study
Someone or something that supplies information
Key skills
Significant abilities
Section heading
Words written or printed at the top of the section as a title
Subject area
An organized body of knowledge; a discipline; a content area.
Evaluated by a professional college
To be up-to-date
Be modern or containing the latest information
Contents of the article
Everything that the article contains
Statements of aims
Definition of aims
The conclusion that can be drawn from something
Literature review
A written text which provides an overview of what has already been written about a particular topic or what research has already been done in the area
Contains a full bibliographic listing of all the sources the authors cited in writing their articles
acceptance of the truth or existence of something
To refer
Direct the attention to something
small notes at the bottom of page. they explain, define, or expand on information in the text
Part of a book, which provides additional information
To be relevant to
Be connected with what is happening or being discussed
Facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observations.
Likely to change often
To vary
Be different
The state or fact of being the person who wrote a particular book, article
To provide evidence
To prove smth using appropriate arguments
To address the gap
Help to reduce ignorance
Data analysis suggests that
Case study
research method that involves an intensive investigation of one or more participants
Arrange things in order from the most important to the least important
To keep the record of
To regularly record written information
To compile a list of
To make a book, list record, using different pieces of information
To recap
To repeat the main points of smth that has just been said
Some factor that restricts the scope of activity or accomplishment.
Tentative verbs
Not definite or certain
"Hedging" language
Avoid giving the direct answer
To be consistent with
Match an idea
To avoid something such as a law, rule, or system, or to avoid involving someone in a process
Critical thinking skills
To identify bias
To find an opinion that influences you
Visual cues
things that catch your eye: color pattern,form, depth, movement which are a signal for something else to happen
To work collaboratively
To work together
To infer
To form an opinion that smth is probably true because information that you have
To number
Be that many
To underline
To show that smth is important
To highlight
To make a problem or subject easy to notice so that people pay attention to it
To identify senses
Find the sense, meaning of smth
Words in bold/in italics
To prioritize
To put several things in order of importance, so that you can deal with the most important first
Cut and paste
Moving and inserting a selected item to a new location
Strange or unusual behaviour
To be opposed to
To disagree with smth
To be committed to
Willing to work very hard at something (dedicated)
To be portrayed as
To be describe or represented
Per capita
Per person
Workplace objectives
Something that you are trying hard to achieve
White collar organization
Bank, office where suit is obligatory
To foster
To help a skill, felling develop over a period of time (encourage)
To pervade
Be present in every part of a place
Existing everywhere
Made by a tailor to fit a person exactly
Backwash effect
The negative effects on one region that result from economic growth within another region.
Innovation hub
Technological and scientific center
Knowledge spillover
Knowledge diffused from one firm to others among closely located firms.
Decision-making process
Knock-on effect
Domino effect
Thorough risk assessment
Estimation of risks related to some action
To place the blame
To blame someone
Well-connected background
Having influential or important relatives or friends
Emerging economy
Nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization
To fall/lag behind
To proceed or develop with comparative slowness
Knowledge economy
Economy in which information is the key to growth
A natural or synthetic filament that may be spun into yarn
Arousing argument, dispute, or disagreement
To wage a war
Participate in the war
To have resonance
Become important and significant
Length or duration of life
A death resulting from an accident or a disaster
Sense of fairness
Need for justice
Close or careful examination or observation
To anticipate the thrill
To expect something bad
Glass beaker
A large drinking cup with wide mouth
Characterized by conformity to recognized standards of propriety or morality
To be split into
To be divided into
A rubber-soled cloth shoe; a sneaker
A tight-fitting suit used in scuba diving and water sports
The tendency or capacity to remain afloat in a liquid
The retarding force exerted on a moving body by a fluid
To smash records
To break records