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CJC1000: Intro to Corrections, Ch. 07 quiz "Custody Function"

CJC1000-Ch. 07: "Custody Functions" Resource: Corrections in America 12th ed., Allen/Latessa/Ponder
Prisons have adopted a paramilitary model in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
high level of interaction with inmates
Custody and security are being kept in check (to avoid compartmentalization) in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
use of outside attorneys in cases of use of force, paid through tax dollars.
Which of the following is the primary way in which offenders' whereabouts are determined?
Which of the following statements describes the problem faced by administrators in an effort to control and rehabilitate offenders?
Often the public is supportive of reformation, but administrators do not have the money necessary to make it effective while still spending sufficiently on control issues.
Which of the following corrections staff has 24-hour contact with inmates?
Which of the following is NOT a level of custody placed on the offender?
Maximum-security levels are characterized by all of the following EXCEPT:
the ratio of correctional officers to inmates is generally 1:8-12.
The main differences between inmates or institutions classified as medium and those classified as minimum are all of the following EXCEPT:
unlike medium-security institutions, there is much more movement within a minimum-security facility
What is a sally port?
A double gate that controls all transportation in and out of the prison perimeter.
Which of the following statements best defines all contraband?
Contraband is anything not authorized by institutional rules.
Bureaucratic control has all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:
the individual is housed, moved, transferred, and released based on his or her personal
A prison warden (superintendent) is typically responsible for all of the following duties EXCEPT
personally advising inmates on career choices
In reality, running the day-to-day affairs of the prison does not lie with the warden but with which deputy warden?
custody deputy warden
What is TRUE of correctional jobs?
all of the above
What position is most critical to the day-to-day management of a prison?
correctional officer
All of the following are reasons why it is difficult to hire and retain qualified personnel in the corrections system EXCEPT:
minimum education level
Officer degradation is fueled by all of the following EXCEPT:
recent incorporation of corrections personnel in administrative decision-making
Which of the following is NOT a conclusion we can draw regarding prison rule violations?
typically, medium-security facilities have higher rates of rule infractions than do maximum facilities
Which of the following, if any, is a nonlethal weapon in prisons?
all of the above