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Intro to Corrections, ch. 08 quiz "Management and Treatment Functions"

CJC1000-Ch. 08: "Management and Treatment Functions". Resource: Corrections in America, 12th ed. Allen/Latessa/Ponder
How do cognitive interventions work?
They change the way offenders think
The general treatment model has all of the following goals EXCEPT which?
teaches religious doctrine
All of the following are different types of treatment services EXCEPT:
All of the following are reasons why custody concerns outweigh those of treatment in institutions EXCEPT:
when one of the treatment staff is sick, the position must be filled in order to maintain "minimal critical staffing."
On average (national), what percentage of expenditures is for treatment services in correctional institutions?
All of the following are incendiary situations that treatment and custody personnel in institutions may find that their different orientations play out EXCEPT:
deputy warden for treatment is hired with training in the social sciences
The tendency to view treatment in terms of restraint and reformation has hurt treatment services in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
administrators are able to integrate community institutions such as schools,employment services, and neighborhoods into treatment
All of the following are examples of the reintegration model EXCEPT:
community service
There are three persistent attributes of correctional management of treatment services. Which of the following is NOT one of these?
failure of social services
The treatment model of corrections generally divides treatment services into three types. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
The recent use of treatment involves meta analysis, which can best be characterized by which of the following?
A form of data analysis that helps detect the effectiveness of programs in reducing recidivism
Which of the following is NOT true about personnel who administer medical services or medical programs?
Medical personnel generally have a standard of living similar to that of medical personnel in other fields.
All of the following are major medical problems faced by prison and jail inmates today EXCEPT:
Religion services in prison suffer from all of the following problems EXCEPT:
religious worship is forbidden in prison
Which of the following statements are NOT true about education services in prison?
Treatment providers usually outnumber educational providers.
Which is NOT one of the many barriers to effective educational programs?
high level of inmate motivation
The federal government has controlled prison industry and labor in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
federal law limiting the amount of goods to be sold by the prison industry.
Which of the following is NOT one of goals of prison industry?
limit the market to trade goods
Which of the following is NOT one of the beneficial effects to private company and prison collaborations?
A workforce that needs little to no security supervision
The main objective of __________ is to return to the offender to the community as a responsible and productive citizen, rather than a shunned ex-con with little hope for success.
the reintegration model