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A&P I --CH-11 Crainal Nerves

CH--11 Cranial Nerves
Cranial Nerves
12 pairs, each pair have a specific number always designated by a roman numeral and a name, the number indicated the order in which the nerves exit the brain from the front to back, all these nerves pertain to the head, face, neck, with 1 exception (the vagus nerve)
Olfactory I
smell, sensory
Optic II
Sight, sensory
Oculomotor III
movement of eyeball, raising eyelid, change in pupil size, mixed
Torchlear IV
movement of eyeball, mixed
Trigeminal V
Chewing of food, sensation in face, scalp, cornea, and teeth --mixed
Abducens VI
movement of eyeball, mixed
Facial VII
facial expressions, secretions of saliva and tears, taste, and blinking---mixed
Vestibulochochlear VIII
Sense of hearing, and balance-sensory
Glosspharyngeal IX
swallowing, secretion of saliva and tears, taste, sensory for the reflex, regulation of blood pressure, part of the gag reflux--mixed
Vagus X
veseral muscle movement and sensation, espically movement and secretion of the digestive system, sensory for reflux regulation of blood pressure --mixed
Accesory XI
swallowing, head and shoulder movement, speaking -mixed
Hypoglossal XII
Speech and swallowing -mixed