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7 terms

Expression with "brain"

focus on advanced english, p.13
stupid, silly

ex: This is the best job offer he's going to get but he's too ____ to realise it.
careless, forgetful

ex: She would be a marvellous organiser if she wasn't so ____.
someone's idea or invention

ex: The advertising campaign was the ____ of one of the junior managers.
to make someone change their beliefs by very strong persuassion

ex: Don't let all those TV adverts ____ you into buying that new toy.
a sudden clever idea

ex: I couldn't think how to raise the money we needed and then Jim had a ____: a car boot sale!
intelligent (of a person)

ex: You don't have to be ____ to succeed, you just need common sense.
pich someone's brains
to question someone who knows a lot about a subject

ex: You're the computer expert, Jane. Could I ___ your ____ a minute?