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9 points .

Triple Warmer

23 points

Gall Bladder

44 points


14 points


11 points

Large Intestine

20 pointsw


45 points


21 points


9 points

Small Intestine

19 points


67 Points


27 points

kidney Start

bottom of foot between 2 3rd metarsal

kidney end

depression below calvicle

bladder start

medial corner of eye

bladder end

lateral corner of nail little toe

sm intestine start

ulnar corner of nail pinky finger

sm intestine end

TMJ point

heart start

center of axilla

heart end

radial corner of nail pinky finger

spleen start

medical corner of nail big toe

spleen end

6' below armpit

stomach start

between eyeball center infrorbital ridge

stomach stop

lateral corner of nail 2nd toe

lg intestine start

radial side index finer

lg intestine stop

outer boarder of nasal ala

lung start

2' above the nipple 3rd rib

lung stop

radial side of the thumb nail

liver start

lateral corner nail big toe

liver stop

frontedge of rib cage

gall bladder start

lateral corner of eye

gall bladder stop

lateral corner of nail 4th toe

triple warmer start

ulnar corner of nail ring finger

triple warmer stop

lateral end of eyebrow

pericardium start

3' below armpit 4th intercostal rib

pericardium stop

radial corner nail middle finger

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