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1. The suspected causal agent must be present in every diseased plant examined.

2. The suspected casual agent must be isolated from the diseased host and growth in pure culture.

3. When a pure culture of the suspected casual agent is inoculated into a healthy susceptible host, the host must produce the specific disease.

4. The same casual agent must be recovered again from the experimentally inoculated and infected host.
Technique for transferring bacteria to a plateThe Quadrant StreakGram Positivestain purple and retain crystal violetGram Negativeare not stained by crystal violet and change colors to pink.Scientific Name of Root Knot NematodeMeloidogyne incognitaSymptoms of Root Knot Nematode-root gall formation -plant stunting -stubby root formation -dead ares within roots -excursive branching of roots -death of entire root branchFemale Nematodesare the most prevalent sex in populations and care the most damage to the host plants.Inoculation of Root Knot Nematodesinjecting egg solution into plant with needle at the base and covering with soilAgrobacterium Tumefaciens Signs/Symptoms1. causes crown galls on dicots 2. acetosyringone attracts and activates oncogenic potential 3. soil borne microbe 4. does the transfection thingInoculation technique for A. tumefaciensswabbing, stabbing, spraying, injecting, mechanical transmission, and soil amendmentBroad groups of fungioomycetes zygomycetes ascomycetes basidiomycetesoomycetesoospores (sexual) zoospores (asexual)zygomycetessporangiospores (asexual)ascomycetesascospores (asexual)basidiomycetesbasidiospore (sexual)PCR components-template DNA -DNA polymerase -nucleotidesreasons why oomycetes are not considered true fungicoenocytic, produce motile spores, contain cellulose in cell wallsystematic infectionsvirus spreads throughout the plant and symptoms include mosaic, mottling, stunting, leaf curling, leaf wrinkling and yellowing of tobacco leaves.local infectionslocated infections in the inoculation areas. symptoms: necrotic spotsSusceptible Plant Host to TMVtobacco, tomato and many other cropsComponents of ELISA-substrate -antibody enzyme -conjugate antigen -virus specific antibodyELISAEnzyme, Linked, ImmunoSorbent, Assay