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USII.4d An Industrial Nation is Born

This is a review for SOL USII.4d Rise of Big Business, Inventions and America's Transformation into an Industrialized Nation
Thomas Edison
Electrical lighting and mechanical uses of electricity
Alexander Graham Bell
Telephone service
Post-Civil War Shift in America
From rural, agricultural society to urban, industrial society
Transcontinental Railroad
Helped create national markets
John D. Rockefeller
Captain of Oil Industry
Andrew Carnegie
Captain of Steel Industry
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Captain of Railroad and shipping industry
Branding helped with the rise of big business by making products distinct from one another
Lower production costs
A reason for the rise of big business: production of mass quantity of good, efficient factors, mechanization and hiring of lower skilled workers
Access to raw materials and energy
The railroads gave this to factories, helping them grow without having to be right beside these sources
Work force
Industry grew as Americans shifted from rural areas to urban centers; immigration also gave factories access to a cheaper-
New inventions
These also made industry more productive; examples: blast furnace, electric lighting and steam engine
Made financing more available to industries and let individuals own a piece of a company
Big Business
Examples: railroads, oil and steel
reduced labor needs and increased productivity; machines doing work for humans
Mail order catalogues
"Big city living" in rural areas came about because of industrialization